How to Rip a DVD into iTunes

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How to Rip a DVD into iTunes

An easy-to-follow procedure to rip DVDs, using third party software programs that can convert DVD content into iTunes-compatible format, is discussed here.

The iPhone, iPad, and iPod have emerged to be popular portable devices to hear music, as well as watch videos on the go. With these high-end devices offering great resolutions, users are interested in watching DVD movies on them. Apple iTunes doesn’t allow users to rip DVDs directly into the iTunes library. A third-party software that converts the DVD content into iTunes-friendly format, is required.

On Windows

There are many third-party software programs that help in ripping music and video content from DVDs, to iTunes. Some of these are freeware and a few shareware programs like Handbrake and Aimersoft DVD ripper. They allow users to rip DVDs into various formats.

You need to first download a video converter like Handbrake. Then, you need to launch the ripping program and load your DVD files in the launch window. Next, you need to choose the ‘Profile’ from the pull down menu and select the format or device you want to rip your DVD content onto.

You can select settings like ‘iPod’, ‘Apple TV’, ‘iPhone’, ‘MP4 – MPEG4 video’, etc.

By accessing the settings, you can optimize the audio and video conversion parameters, according to your choice. Once you have set your output settings, you can begin the conversion process.

Once completed, you can copy the ripped files to iTunes. These files can be transferred to your iTunes library, and subsequently to your iPod, iPhone, and even Apple TV.

On Mac OS X

You need to purchase a converter software built for the Mac platform that will rip DVDs into iTunes format. You may use Mac DVD Ripper Pro for the purpose.

You need to launch the program and open the DVD inserted in your hard drive. Next, you need to add the DVD titles you wish to convert. Then, you need to set your required output settings, before starting conversion. Once the conversion is completed, you can transfer your videos to iTunes.

To sum up, all you need, is a third-party software that can rip content into iTunes-compatible video and audio formats. Enjoy hours of fun and entertainment in the most boring of places on Earth, with your favorite movies, on your Apple iPhone or iPod.

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