Kindle DX Review

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Kindle DX Review

The article provides information about Amazon’s e-reader product through the Kindle DX review. The features of this product are discussed below.

The Kindle DX is an e-reader product released by Amazon. This product was brought into the market on 6th May, 2009. Amazon has brought about many improvements over their earlier Kindle 2 in this model. Auto-rotating feature is one such improvement. The accelerometer helps in switching between the landscape and portrait orientations. It can be done by just turning the device on its side.

Review on Looks

  • The Kindle DX is 0.38 inches thick; its thickness is comparable with that of a magazine. So it is easy to read and carry.
  • Size of the screen is 9.7 inches (diagonally). A larger screen offers better readability. The bigger screen exemplifies Amazon’s catchphrase for the product, “No panning, no zooming, no scrolling”. The e-ink technology used provides a clear and crisp view; the glare of the sun doesn’t affect it in any way. This new technology provides 50% contrast.
  • It provides native PDF support and it is definitely a great improvement over earlier versions. Earlier, in order to convert the PDF files into other forms, customers had to send them to Amazon and also pay for the service.
  • The weight of this new e-reader is 18.9 oz. which means, it is a bit on the heavier side.
  • This e-reader product is now available internationally. The Kindle DX can be shipped to more than 100 countries. The 3G wireless coverage helps users worldwide in downloading periodicals and ebooks; the time required for downloading content is very less and it takes only about 60 seconds.
  • Storage capacity of this new device is greater than that of the earlier ones. With internal storage capacity of 4GB, one can store about 3500 books in the Kindle DX. It is however, necessary to note that for the PDF format, storage capacity gets reduced considerably.
  • Its battery lasts for 3 weeks, if the wireless feature is not used. It lasts for a week with the wireless feature being used.

User Reviews

The users of Kindle DX have welcomed the bigger screen size. Letters on the screen resemble ink which is printed on paper. The feature which enables one to highlight the text is also a hit among users. One can also bookmark the content and take notes.

In the year 2010, two new versions, namely Kindle DX International and Kindle DX International 2 were released. Price of the Kindle DX International 2 is USD 379 and it is available in graphite black color. The International is produced in white color.

The Kindle DX is one of the popular e-reader products available in the market. The impression that one gets from user’s opinions is that the product works satisfactorily. With a price tag of USD 379, the product also has become much more affordable than earlier.

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