How to Right Click on a Mac

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How to Right Click on a Mac

People who are used to working on a Windows operating system find it difficult to perform various tasks on Mac computers. This could be because of the absence of ‘right click’ button on them. However, there are ways to do it and this article can help you do so.

Using the right click function on a Mac is quite different from that on Microsoft’s Windows operating system and this tends to confuse many people who are first time users of Mac. However, it is easier and one needs to use the keypad along with mouse to carry out this task.

People who see a Mac computer mouse for the first time can be perplexed to see only a button on it, especially if they have used Windows before. However, after a while they will find that right clicking on a Mac is just as simple.

On the keyboard of Mac you will find a key known as the ‘control key’. You need to keep this key pressed and then click the mouse button in order to right click. In fact, for a Mac this is not known as right click, because there is no such button and it is simply known as ‘control click’.

What Happens When You Control Click

The actions that take place when you carry out this click are similar to the ones that take place on Windows. A bunch of options open up as a result, and you can choose whichever you wish to undertake. For example, when you control click on the home screen, you will see the following options:

  • Help
  • New Folder
  • View
  • Clean Up
  • Arrange
  • View Options
  • Change Desktop Background

These are similar to the ones that appear in Windows and their functionality is also the same. You can also do it when you place the mouse pointer on a file or a folder. Here are the options that will show up in this scenario:

  • Help
  • Open
  • Move to Trash
  • Get Info
  • Label
  • Duplicate
  • Make Alias
  • Put Away
  • Add to Favorites
  • Index Selection

There is another method to do it. You will need to use two of your fingers in this task. Keep them apart at a distance of about 2 cm from each other and then tap both of them on a track-pad simultaneously. This will be equivalent of a right click and it will show you the options as mentioned above.

However, an Apple Mighty Mouse can make this task easier. It has 4 buttons on it. You can go to the menu and then go to System Preferences and select any one of the buttons as the secondary mouse button. Pressing this button any time will be equivalent of a right click.

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