How to Get Paid on Youtube

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How to Get Paid on Youtube

Is it possible to monetize a YouTube channel? How can money be made on the biggest video sharing site? Read to know all about it.

Internet has opened up loads of business opportunities for people, who are willing to contribute original content. Not surprisingly, majority of the business revenue generated on the Internet, is from advertisements placed on websites. Original content is a hot commodity on the Internet and web sites are willing to pay for it, if you can get a large number of readers or regular viewers. The world’s largest video sharing site, YouTube, offers opportunities to video content creators, to make money via their partner program, which they launched three years ago.

Earning Revenue Through the Partner Program

Google acquired YouTube long ago and assimilated it into its large revenue generating model, based on placement of advertisements on websites. By the end of 2007, YouTube started its partner program for all original video contributors, who wish to generate revenue, through their online videos, uploaded on the site. To be eligible for this program, you need to have a large pool of videos on your channel, that consistently attract a large number of viewers.

Make sure that you check out the eligibility conditions. The videos need to be original and you need to have the copyright to distribute that material, as a necessary condition of eligibility. If you satisfy all the conditions of original content, you will be made a partner and the relevant ads will be placed in and around your videos, submitted to YouTube, under the Google AdSense program. In return, the site offers you a slice of the revenue, generated through ad clicks in your videos.

How much money you make, entirely depends on the traffic your videos get and the number of clicks, which the ads receive. Many celebrities like Paris Hilton and many musicians are partners and they earn through advertisement revenue. Another way of getting paid on the site, for your videos, is by renting them out on the site. Users pay the site for viewing your videos and the site shares the revenue generated with you.

YouTube allows partners to upload and maintain HD quality videos, with no limit on video file size. It also guarantees that your content will be protected from piracy and takes necessary measures for the same. Getting paid on this video sharing site is a good option for filmmakers and music artists, who generate their own content and need a medium to showcase their work.

Start generating original, informative, and entertaining video content. As discussed before, if your videos attain a high level of popularity and bring in a large number of viewers, you could apply to YouTube, for the partner program. If the analysts think your videos are worth it, you will be paid a slice of the advertisement revenue, that Google generates from your ads, placed in and around videos.

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