How to Repeat YouTube Videos Automatically

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How to Repeat YouTube Videos Automatically

If you prefer watching the same tracks repeatedly, then there are high chances that you might feel the need of a ‘repeat’ button on the YouTube page. This Techspirited article provides the best solutions to replay your favorite tracks on the said website.

Did You Know?
According to YouTube, 100 hours of videos are uploaded to the website every minute.

YouTube has recently tweaked its design and added the much-awaited Playlist tab, where one can find relevant videos alongside the changes made in the Comments section.

However, the popular demand of the ‘repeat’ option was not considered even this time around. Here are a few tools that will help you to repeat your videos in a loop.

Change the URL
Google Developers have provided the most reliable method to loop YouTube videos. All you need to do, is to make changes to the original URL and your videos will play repeatedly. The ‘loop’ and the ‘playlist’ parameters should be added to the URL for this purpose. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Search and open the desired video on YouTube.
  • Now, in its URL you need to delete the watch? parameter and replace v= by v/.
  • Next, append &loop=1&playlist=video_id after the version parameter.
  • After these changes, the video URL will change to
  • Now, hit enter to watch the video in repeat mode.

If you are making these changes for playing videos from custom playlist, the player will first play the entire videos listed in the playlist and then restart from the first video. However, you need to note that this option only works in the AS3 player.

Third-party Tools
However, if you are not well-versed in computers, there are third-party tools available for the said purpose, to simplify things. In all the tools mentioned below, you can search the relevant video in the service provider’s search boxes, and click on the play option to continuously watch the video.

When you open a particular video on YouTube, you can replace the word ‘youtube’ with ‘listenonrepeat’. Once you press enter, you will be redirected to the ListenOnRepeat page, where your video will play in infinite loop. This tool has a repeat counter on its homepage, where you can see the number of times a particular video is repeated. If you are using an Android device, you can download this app, and enjoy continuous video viewing.

The most appealing feature of this tool, is its bookmark option. Once you land on the tool’s homepage, you will find the ‘Drag the Bookmark box to your toolbar’ option. Upon performing this action, you will see a ‘Loop Video’ link bookmarked. Once you find your favorite video on YouTube, you simply need to select this bookmark, and viola, your video will play infinitely until you close the page.

YouTube On Repeat
Similar to the other tools mentioned in this article, this third-party service too has a search box where all your favorite videos are available. However, you can drag the ‘Repeat Button’ (available on the service provider’s homepage) to your bookmarks. Now, if you watch any video on YouTube, and press this button, you will be redirected to Youtube On Repeat, where the same video will play continuously.

LoopTube HD – Autoplay YouTube Videos in a Loop
You can download this free app from iTunes. This app has a search box, where you can search YouTube videos. In case you want to repeat a single video, then tap the Heart button. You can also add videos to a playlist, and play them in a loop.

Thus, even though YouTube has overlooked the repeat option in its latest design tweak, you can still enjoy the service by using external tools. However, let’s hope the video database giant does incorporate this option in future. Till then, you will need to take the extra efforts of switching to another website to enjoy the service.

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