How to Hard Reset HTC HD2

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How to Hard Reset HTC HD2

If your HTC HD2 is acting up, and nothing seems to be making any effect, it’s time to reset it, the hard way. Scroll below for a simple how-to on hard resetting.

The HTC HD2 puts the “smart” in smartphone. A Windows Mobile OS, 5 MP camera and a 4.3-inch display are just the tip of the iceberg for this smartphone’s features and capabilities. At the time of its release, the HTC HD2 was the first HTC phone to have the HTC Sense and the second smartphone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU. Smartphones have different techniques to perform certain management tasks, like resetting and backup. To learn how to hard reset HTC HD2, and what unlocking your HTC HD2 involves, read on.

When Should You Hard Reset an HTC HD2?

A hard reset restores your phone to its original factory settings, like it has just come out of the box. No data or information, that you have installed or inserted, will remain. This includes files, photos, contacts, calendar information, personalized settings (themes, profiles) etc. All the original phone software, which is bundled with the phone, will remain. But if you have installed any software of your own, it will be wiped out during the hard reset. A hard reset is necessary, if you are giving or selling the phone, and you want none of your private information to remain on the phone. Also, if the phone is unresponsive or frozen and steps like soft reset, powering off and on etc. cannot bring it back to life, then a hard reset should solve the problem.

Since a hard reset wipes the phone clean of data, it is best to keep a regular backup of data, so that after resetting, you can easily restore the information. You can use the synchronization software (installation on computer needed) to maintain a backup between your computer and HTC HD2. A software feature, Microsoft My Phone is provided, to back up personal information (contacts, calendar, SMS’s, tasks). With programs, you can use a third-party program. A better practice, is to keep the original setup file of the program (what you used to install the program), so that you can reinstall the program, after resetting.

Steps on How to Hard Reset HTC HD2

Read ALL the steps, before performing any. Charge the phone completely before resetting. There are 2 main ways to perform a hard reset:

A. Using the Phone Settings Interface

  1. On the Home screen’s Settings tab, tap MenuAll SettingsSystemClear Storage
  2. Enter 1234
  3. Tap YES to perform the reset, or NO to cancel

B. Using Buttons

  1. Turn the phone off
  2. Press and hold the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN buttons
  3. While pressing the volume buttons, press the END/POWER button briefly and release it
  4. A warning message should appear on the screen : “This operation will delete all your personal data, and reset all settings to manufacturer default. Press VolUp to restore manufacturer default, or press other keys to cancel”
  5. Release the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN buttons
  6. Press the VOLUME UP button to confirm the reset, or to cancel, press any other button

Unlocking the HTC HD2

The HTC HD2’s official carrier is T-Mobile. There is a SIM lock present in your phone, that prevents it from working with any other carrier’s SIM card. So to use the phone with a different carrier or service provider, you would have to unlock your HTC HD2. To undo the SIM lock, you need two bits of information, an IMEI code and a service unlock code. The IMEI code is a unique identifier number (15 or 17 digits long, no characters) usually present in the battery compartment of the phone. You can also obtain it, by entering “*#06# “ onto your phone’s screen. To unlock the HTC HD2 free of cost, you can contact T-Mobile customer service and they will provide you with the SIM unlock code, and instructions on unlocking, based on some terms and conditions. If you want to unlock HTC HD2 with free IMEI code, without T-Mobile’s knowledge, there are a number of third-party vendors, who charge a fee to provide you with the service unlock code. Be careful with such vendors, as they require your credit card information and there is no actual guarantee, they will provide you with the code.

The above steps are simple enough, but a word of caution: perform hard resets only when necessary. When your HTC HD2 is wonky or frozen, powering it off and on, or a soft reset should be carried out. Sometimes, the battery is low and due to this, the phone doesn’t work. When you have tried everything, and there is no difference in the phone’s state, perform a hard reset. If you find yourself resetting repeatedly, there is a serious problem and resetting isn’t making a difference. Contact HTC support, or your local phone store, for some professional help. It could be anything from a built-in defect or software issue, which is out of your expertise range and something you shouldn’t fiddle with. Smartphones are notoriously touchy about their settings and internal software, so be careful with procedures, like resetting and restoring.

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