Baby Games for Teenagers

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Baby Games for Teenagers

You don’t need to be a mom or wish to have kids to play virtual baby games. There are many websites that have baby games for teenagers to play online and basically, have fun…

Many teenagers, mostly girls, are attracted towards games that concentrate on babies, homes, and family. I guess it’s because we are wired that way. Well, no matter what the reason may be, you too can play free online baby games for teenagers any time of the day. There are tons of websites and online gaming sites that offer different types of baby themed games which can are fun to play for girls.

The times are changing today and when we have the technology right here in front of us, it would be tough to pass on such opportunities. And the popularity of online baby games is increasing phenomenally. So if your teenage girl (or if a teen is reading this article) wishes to play them, here are some games that you can find online.

Virtual Baby Games

I would like to clear something write now that at Buzzle, we don’t have any baby games which you can play. In this article, we are simply providing you with information that will tell you which games are the popular and being played online. So let’s get to these games and see what’s in store for you out there.


In this game, you get to manage a kindergarten and that means, you will take care of lots of babies. At first, the game is simple and has only one child to take care of. As you progress in the game and get better, more kids will come to the kindergarten and you’ll have to handle them all. Depending on how good you are, you will be awarded money so that you can use it to do some upgrading inside and outside the kindergarten. Then, more kids will be brought in and your kindergarten will grow bigger.

Babysitting Mania

This is a free online game that can be played by teenage girls. In this game, you have to clean the house and show your babysitting skills. You will take care of the children, clean them, plan birthday parties, host them as well, and after that is over, you need to put the kids in bed before the parents can show up.

The game is timed so you need to work fast and make sure that the “chaos meter” doesn’t get out of control. Because if the chaos meter doesn’t come down to normal, the kids won’t settle down or even sleep. Even though this is a free game, certain websites require you to download the game for a price and then you can play it.

Baby Nursery

Have you ever babysat someone? If yes, then this game is somewhat similar. First you get a baby to take care of. You will have feed the baby, change diapers, and make sure the baby is happy. Then as you progress, another baby will join the nursery and you will have to juggle between them both. As the game goes on, more babies will come in.

Nanny Mania

Similar to Babysitting Mania, in Nanny Mania, you have to manage a household. Here, you need to think like a stay-at-home mom and try to take care of a house on your own. Clean for everyone in the house, cook for them, and do laundry. This game isn’t like other online games where you take care of only kids because here, you will have more duties and that too finish different tasks in a particular time frame.

Baby Blimp

In this next game, you will help storks deliver their pink and blue packages to different houses. You will begin the game by learning how to work the blimp. Here, there are series of tasks which need to be completed where you can make 3 points by working the blimp. Follow the different tasks given to you in the game and get points. As you progress in the game, more babies will come and you will have to work faster and more efficiently. Have fun.

Apart from the above mentioned games and few more which can be found online, you can even adopt a virtual baby online; pretty cool, huh! Some of these games can be played for free and some require you to register on their websites. There may or may not be any registration charges, but confirming it before you begin to play the games is essential.

You don’t want to be spending hours playing the games and then learn that they aren’t free. So do your homework (given to you from school and about the different websites) and then proceed further.

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