Best Alternatives to iPod Touch

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Best Alternatives to iPod Touch

People who aren’t impressed with the iPod Touch would obviously want to know about the best alternatives to iPod Touch. The good news is there are many companies who have launched their own media players in the market and are ready to give Apple tough competition…

There’s no doubt that the iPod Touch has become a synonym for media players. Since its launch in 2007, the iPod Touch has made headlines all around the globe. A favorite among teens and adults alike, this portable media player has so far dominated the media player segment, as Apple Inc. has sold more than 45 million pieces of the iPod Touch globally.

In spite of such excellent credentials, the iPod Touch has its own shortcomings. There have been issues regarding the high price, battery life and the limitations of the iTunes system. This has led the competitors of Apple bring out their own music and video players in the market, and today we are going to list out many options from which you can choose the best alternative to iPod Touch.

Great Alternatives to iPod Touch 2011

There’s no doubt that the Apple iPod Touch is a wonderful product, but there is a breed of people which are not happy with it and want a good alternative. You might not have heard about the following products because of Apple’s domination in the media player market and the amazing promotion and marketing it does for the iPod Touch, but there are people who want all the things that the iPod offers but at a lesser rate. Let’s check out these alternatives.

Microsoft Zune

The company launched the Zune with much publicity and marketing and many people hailed the Zune as an ‘iPod Killer’. That hasn’t happened as yet, but Zune is a much appreciated music player and has developed a strong customer base. You can buy, stream, play music and HD videos, podcasts and games. You can store up to 4000 songs and can play standard definition videos for 24 hours and high-definition videos for 5 hours. It also has an FM receiver which is missing on the iPod. The cost of the Zune is $179 (16GB), $289.99 (32GB) and $349.99 (64 GB).

Sony’s Walkman Series

Don’t worry, Sony’s Walkman series is not traditional anymore. Most people consider the Sony Walkman the best competitor to the Apple iPod. There are various models in the Walkman series and there’s a good Walkman player for everyone in those models. From the OLED screen to behind the ears screen less, the Walkman gives tough competition to the iPod Touch. With many models available in the Walkman series, this is an alternative to the iPod Touch, that has variable price points comfortable for all, depending on the features and the memory you need.

Samsung P3 Palm Theater Plus MP3 Player

Coming at $150 (8GB), $200 (16GB) and $300 (32GB), the Samsung P3 Palm Theater Plus MP3 player is designed for people looking for an attractive audio player. Yes, it doesn’t play video but it supports majority of the audio formats. With a built in Bluetooth 2.0 and FM tuner, the Samsung P3 makes music listening and transfer more interesting.

Archos 605 Wi-Fi

If you are looking for an iPod alternative which plays various media formats then look no further than Archos 605 Wi-Fi. This media player already supports MPEG-4, AVI, and WMV but support for additional formats can also be purchased. You can use Wi-Fi for easy download of movies, TV shows, music, photos and PDF files. It also gives you the amazing option of streaming content from your PC or Internet directly to your TV screen. The price range of the Archos 605 Wi-Fi stars from $270 and goes up to $320.

I hope you have decided which is your best alternative to the iPod. With so many companies bringing in their portable media and audio players, I think it’s high time that Apple Inc, pulls up its socks and lowers the prices of its products to get a better hold on the market.

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