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How to Fix an Unreadable Disc in Xbox 360

How to Fix an Unreadable Disc in Xbox 360

Disc unreadable error is a common issue that is frequently faced by most Xbox 360 owners. Find out how to fix an unreadable disc in Xbox 360 from the following article.
Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
Damn! Doesn't it feel irritating - as in, totally irritating - when you attempt to start your favorite game on the Xbox 360 after a long hiatus and it flashes the Unrecognized Disc error message on that darned screen and in your face? In fact, irritating is an understatement of the emotion that washes across the eager gamer at that time - a disproportionate mixture of anger, repulsion, despair and frustration will be a close definition of what you must have felt every time that malevolent screen marked with an X encircled by a red background appeared to mock your gaming enthusiasm! So what causes the unreadable disc problem in Xbox 360? Well, there are two major causes of this issue - scratched Xbox 360 disc due to absence op protective padding in disc region and overheating of the console leading to soldering connections in the hardware getting malformed. Whatever the reason behind the issue, the subsequent segment deals with how to fix an unreadable disc in Xbox 360 so that you can go along with the repair yourself by following the simple, step-by-step guidelines laid out below.

How to Fix Unreadable Disc Problem in Xbox 360

The first step you should take towards unreadable disc on Xbox 360 repair is to carefully read the Xbox 360 repair guide. Pay extra attention to the instructions and graphics that lay out the particulars and procedures for dismantling and reassembling the console. After you've done so, here's what you can try, it works most of the time!
  • Switch off the power of Xbox 360 console and completely unplug it;
  • Take a small screwdriver, unscrew and open up the console so that you are in clear view of the soldering connections, motherboard and the CPU/ GPU;
  • If you notice the soldering connections have become distorted due to overheating, use a soldering gun and direct heat along the soldering connections so as to restore them to their original layout/ shape;
  • Leave the console open for about an hour or so to allow the insides to cool down adequately;
  • Before reassembling the console, clean the insides delicately using a soft cloth.
Even after closing and screwing back the console, allow it to remain unplugged for at least an hour before powering it on. You may use thermal grease on the GPU to improve heat conductivity. Be very careful while following these steps though and be light with your hands. The above remedy will work if the issue is due to overheating. Before you go ahead with the dismantling thingy, I would suggest that you try out the following. It might work and you may not be required to dismantle your Xbox console after all!
  • Switch off the console;
  • Check if all cables are properly attached;
  • If there are no loose cables, unplug them all with the exception of the power cord;
  • Take out the hard drive and delicately clean it using a soft cloth so that it gets rid of any dust or dirt particles without getting scratched;
  • Keep the console unplugged and keep the power off like this for about 15-20 minutes;
  • Put the hard drive back in and restore all the cable connections as they were before you unplugged them from the Xbox console.
Switch on the power and start up your console. If none of the above two methods work, it is best to get authorized Xbox technical support people to fix your console as the problem could be more than just hardware overheating. In fact, if you're still within the warranty period, I would suggest sending the Xbox 360 console to Microsoft for repair straightaway without attempting any kind of tampering on your part! You can also refer to a lot of other online resources on how to fix unreadable disc in Xbox 360 that include step-by-step video repair guides along with written instructions. The bottom line is, no matter how avid a gamer you are and how obsessed about video games you are, make sure you allow your console its basic rights - adequate opportunity to cool down and respite from long and continuous hours of gameplay (going as long as, say, 8-10 hours at a stretch!) - to prevent such distressing situations of hardware rebellion!