How to Find the IP Address of Your iPhone/iPad

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How to Find the IP Address of Your iPhone/iPad

An IP address is assigned to the device when it connects to a Wi-Fi network. In this Techspirited article, we have shown how to find the IP address of your iPhone and iPad.

Get MAC Address

To connect to your local Ethernet or Wi-Fi network, you will need a MAC address along with the IP address of your iPhone. Go to Settings, General, About, Wi-Fi Address (this is your MAC address).

The IP address is a unique identification code of your device when it is connected to any wireless network. Generally, a dynamic IP address is assigned to devices, which means, it is a temporary address. Thus, even your iPhone/iPad has a dynamic IP assigned to it. And every time you check your iPad’s or iPhone’s IP address, it will be different. An IP address is mostly required when you wish to connect to another device on a local network and/or to a global network. Once you share the IP address with another device, you can transfer files to that device. Here, we have mentioned the steps to be followed to find the IP address on an iPhone. The steps remain unchanged for an iPad.

Go to Settings

The first step is to tap on the Settings tab of your iPhone.

Tap on Wi-Fi

Wifi snapshot of iphone

Once you are on the Settings page, you need to tap on the Wi-Fi option.

Switch on Wi-Fi

Switch on Wi-Fi Snapshot in iphone

If you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network, slide the bar to switch on the network. After the Wi-Fi is switched on, you will get a list of available networks.

Select the Network

Select the Network Snapshot of iphone

From the available networks, select the appropriate network. If you are using the wireless network for the first time, you will be asked to type the username and password of the network. Once you are done pairing to the network, tap the network name or the arrow present to the left of the network name.

Get the IP Address

Get the IP Address Snapshot of iphone

On tapping the arrow, you will be redirected to the IP address information of your iPhone. Here, along with the IP address, you can also get information about the Subnet Mask, Router address, and DNS server address. If you keenly observe, the IP address is listed under DHCP, i.e., Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. DHCP enables the server to automatically allot an IP address to the device. Thus, this is the dynamic IP address of your device.

You can also set a static IP address for your device, so as to connect it to your laptop or any other iOS device. For doing so, tap the Static tab in the IP address window, and enter the static IP address. Your device will be connected to the said network.

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