How to Find Deleted Emails?

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How to Find Deleted Emails?

If you have deleted an email that contained some important information, it is possible to recover it back. Read on to understand the method to get this job done.


Accidentally deleting an email from inbox is something that can happen to anyone, and it is at such times that it becomes necessary to recover it. If it happens to be something vitally important, you should not panic because there is some way to recover it from your computer.

It does not matter if the deleted item contained pictures, video files, music files, or any other attachments, because it can be recovered completely if you act soon. The fact is that even though you cannot see it in your inbox, or even in the deleted items folder in your inbox, it is still present on your computer’s hard drive for some amount of time.


There are many special email recovery tools that can be used for this purpose, and these are pretty simple to use, as well. The very first thing that you will need to do is to check the deleted items folder in your inbox because by default, these items stay there for a stipulated amount of time.

From this folder, you can restore one to your inbox, or at least note down all the important information that you cannot risk losing.

The problem arises when someone empties this folder or the Recycle Bin, because then the email cannot be seen anywhere. Even though it is still on the computer’s hard drive, the computer has no way of locating it.

The most crucial thing here is that you need to act fast if you wish to recover it, because as you use the machine for more and more tasks, the email will be overwritten in the computer’s hard drive.

The software tools used for this purpose can be downloaded for free over the Internet, and they are pretty effective, as well. With the help of such software, you can restore your lost items by simply carrying out a search that the software allows you to perform.

This will enable the program to run on your hard drive and locate them, providing you with an option of restoring them. The process is as simple as it gets.

Recovering in Gmail

Gmail is the email service provided by Google, and almost everyone in the world today possesses a Gmail account. In case you have not clicked on Delete Forever in the spam and trash box, there is still a chance that the item you deleted can be recovered. It is also necessary that you follow these steps within 30 days of deleting the email from your inbox.

  • Click on Trash, which will be present on the left side of the page.
  • In case you cannot see the Trash option, go to Settings, then go to Label, and click on the Show link next to the Trash option.
  • Once you are in the Trash folder, select an item that you wish to restore.
  • Click on Move to Inbox.

Recovering in Yahoo

Yahoo mail is email client for many people, and it is simple to locate items here. The instructions to do this are pretty much the same with a Yahoo account as well, as all deleted items first go to the Trash folder. It is easy to restore them from this folder, but if you have deleted this folder, then you need to act fast with any email recovery software.

Recovering in Outlook

If you are using an email exchange program like Outlook, it is easier to recover deleted items, since these programs maintain copies of everything. Additionally, there are a few software products available in the market that let you recover them from Outlook, and these can prove very useful to you.

The PST of the program is a database where all deleted items are stored for a certain amount of time, in the space that is known as ‘Whitespace’. When newer items keep getting deleted, the PST starts getting compact, which means that the earlier items start getting permanently removed.

The software that you use for recovering items from Outlook should be used before this process starts. There are many more details that go into data recovery, and this is something that may or may not interest you.

With the help of this knowledge, you can recover some of your important data that you may have deleted. In the future, you should be careful, and only delete those items that you will never need. With the added storage space that email service providers offer you today, it is better to leave the important data in your inbox.

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