How to Use Winterboard

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How to Use Winterboard

Winterboard is a very popular application for Apple devices. This article will provide you with a detailed description regarding its usage.

Today, one of the best Cydia applications in the market is Winterboard. Once you learn how to use it, you will be able to enjoy numerous features and benefits. Cydia applications are paid, as well as free ones, which can be used on the devices developed by Apple Inc. For example, you can use them on the Apple iPhone, the Apple iPad, and the Apple iPod Touch.

One of the biggest advantages of using such devices is the large number of apps (more than 200,000), which are available in the official Apple App Store. Despite this large number, Apple follows many stringent procedures, and applies many rigid guidelines for the apps that are allowed into this store.

By hacking into one of the Apple devices, a task also termed as ‘jail breaking’, the user has the ability to install as many Cydia applications as possible. They were rejected by Apple Store due to some reason, but their usefulness and utility cannot be matched. With their help, you can perform many more activities with your device. However, the only downside is that by jail-breaking your gadget, you are foregoing its one year warranty.


Apple devices do not provide you with many options to customize your devices with your choice of themes, wallpapers, etc. This is where the Winterboard is useful, as you can do all such things with the help of this app. The best Winterboard themes allow you to change the appearance of your device entirely, and you can also select amongst various types of icons, docks, title bars, lock screen, etc.

Summerboard was the original Cydia app, which allowed one to enjoy these features. It has now become a paid app, and sold under the name of ‘Kate’. The creator of Cydia is known as Saurik, and he has provided the world with the Winterboard, which allows one to do everything that Summerboard does, but for free.

How to Use the Winterboard App?

Once your device has been jail-broken, go to the best Cydia sources, and then download and install the Winterboard app. Restart your gadget after the installation process is complete. Now, you need to go to the Springboard, and tap the Winterboard icon. You can choose any of the default themes, and apply them to your device. You can try a variety of combinations and options, which will personalize your gadget considerably.

The best part is that you are not just limited to the default themes and options, you can also download amazing Winterboard themes. Downloading them is very simple, and once you find a good theme (under ‘Sections’), you can install it on your device with ease. You can even combine multiple themes with each other, and all this can be done from the Cydia Springboard. You just have to check or uncheck the various options that you see.

Once you get used to the above-described apps, you can also figure out how to use Winterboard on iPod Touch and iPad. This is a very simple process, and anyone can get its hang within minutes.

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