How to Download Garmin Voices

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How to Download Garmin Voices

If you are looking for information on downloading Garmin voices, this article will be a helpful read. Here, you will find tips on getting different voices installed.

Gone are the days where you needed to stop and ask people for directions. Thanks to the car GPS navigation devices, you have a satellite-directed electronic navigator, on which you can rely to provide directions, which are accurate to within a meter. If you are bored of the default voice of your GPS navigator device, what you need is a change.

Voices vary according to accents, pronunciations, toning, and several other features. There are some that we love and some that we simply don’t connect with. However, the most unnerving ones are the monotonous mechanical ones, that can make you feel dull because of their lack of liveliness.

If you are sick of hearing the same monotonous drone on your Garmin GPS system for cars, you can change to a funnier and wackier one, which will make traveling more fun. Recognizing this need, the company offers a range of voices, that you can get installed on your device. They have a range of crazy and outrageously funny ones, which you absolutely have to check out.

How to Download Voices for Your Car GPS?

As we know from listening to radio stations, voices do matter when it comes to narration or a dialog of any kind. All the Nuvi devices launched by Garmin are voice-compatible. There are plenty of voices to choose from. Here are some guidelines.

Visit the Garmin Website
Garmin has created an online repository for buying and downloading voices of your choice. So, the first thing that you need to do is visit the website and go to the ‘Voices’ page. Just search with ‘Garmin Voices’ on the Google search engine and the page will turn up. You can download the voices for free, by visiting the ‘Pigtones’ website. You can also find some on the Navtones website.

Select and Download Voices Which You Want
You will find a list of voices in front of you, on the page. Some voices are free, while some need to be bought. Some of them like the ‘Yeti’, ‘Dr. Nightmare’, and ‘Team Garmin’s Matt White’ can be downloaded for free. You can hear a preview of the voice by clicking ‘play’ on a media console, embedded on the page. Click on the voice link to download setup files to your computer hard drive. From there, you can install them to your Nuvi device.

How to Install Them?

To install the voices on your device, you need a software program called the Garmin communicator. It can be downloaded for free from the company website. Download the program and install it on your computer. This is an add-on program, that gets integrated with your browser.

Next, connect your device to your computer, using the USB data cable that is supplied with the unit. Open the web page, with the voice download feature and click on the install voice button, to get it directly installed on your GPS device. Disconnect the USB cable and then go to the GPS settings menu. In there, go to Language > Voice and select the downloaded voice which you want to hear. With that, the setup is complete. You can now use it in your car and get directions in your chosen voice.

A change of voice and toning may break the monotony of listening to the same voice for long hours of travel. Download a range of voices for your device and enjoy the variation of accents and toning that accompanies each one of them.

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