How to Block a Phone Number from Calling You

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How to Block a Phone Number from Calling You

Are unwanted calls harassing you? Learn to stop getting these calls by blocking the number using the methods in this article to rid yourself of this problem.

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A former lover bordering on the obsessive who keeps calling you incessantly, or constant calls from telemarketers selling you products you would never have a need for. These are situations which may sometimes drive you mad and even make you want to throw your phone out of the nearest window. But such drastic measures are definitely avoidable. All you need to learn is to block a number and it could put a stop to all your problems (at least those concerning unwanted callers).

Till a while ago it may have seemed impossible to block a phone number but with technological advancements it is not only possible to do this but also to learn to block your own number if you want to hide your identity when you make a call to someone. The entire process to do all of this is so simple that you will never be troubled again. It is just a matter of contacting your service provider, or entering some set codes which will help you in blocking phone numbers. Given below are the different ways that you can use in order to understand the concept of blocking unnecessary phone numbers.

How to Block a Phone Number

There are many different ways that you can resort to in order to learn to block a number so that you are not bothered by unnecessary calls ever again.

Using Set Codes

If your unwanted caller has been constantly calling you up on your land-line then the best way to block the phone number is to use the *60 code. This a process that should work with most phone companies. All you need to do is dial *60 and select the option to turn on Call Blocking. After this you will need to dial # and enter the phone number that you want to block. Once you have entered the number, you will need to press # again and you are done. This is one of the simplest methods that exists. Your phone company may charge you some fees in order to avail the service. The problem with this method is that with most phone companies this is not a service that works for long distance calls.

The National Registry

Register with the National Do Not Call Registry or the NDNCR. This is a brilliant way of learning how to block incoming calls on cell phone from telemarketers. This service is governed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and once you have registered with the service all marketing calls will be put to an end within a month.

Contact Service Provider

If your problem is not with a telemarketer but a stalker, then one of the methods that you can use in order to learn how to block numbers on your cell phone is to contact your service provider. Explain your situation to your customer care executive and the reason for which you want to block a specific phone number from calling you. Most service providers will need you to file a police report and provide them with a copy of the same. Some services provide you the option of blocking cell phone numbers at a minimal monthly fee. If you own an iPhone, then this is the method that you will need to opt for. As of now AT&T offers a service that allows the user to block numbers for a fee of $5 per line per month.

There are also cell phones in the market that come with applications that allow you to block phone numbers. As a user you will need to download these applications and install them on your phone. This is a simple method of learning to block a cell phone number so that you are not irritated by unimportant, time-consuming calls. You now know to block a phone number and what are the different methods to put an end to unwanted harassment in the form of callers. Use one of these ways and you are sure to be free of the stress that these calls can cause.

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