Am I Blocked on Facebook?

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Am I Blocked on Facebook?

The question, ‘Am I blocked on Facebook?’ is a very common one that most of us face everyday, being regular users of social networking sites. You will find out the answer and some related information about this topic in the article below.

Suppose, you log into your Facebook account, and find that the person you would regularly follow has disappeared. You browse through every nook and corner of the site, but just don’t find him/her, let alone message or wall post the person. Suddenly, it strikes you that you may have been blocked by that person. And then, you start wondering why that person has done this to you, whether he/she hates you, dislikes you, is tired of your constant comments on his/her status, etc.

Stop freaking out, instead, awaken the spy in you and learn about how this has happened with you. In this article you will get your answer to the controversial question of ‘Am I blocked on Facebook?’, and you will learn everything associated with this system tab on this site, which has turned people’s lives upside down.

How to Find Out Who Blocked You?

This one’s really easy. Go through your friend list, and look out for particular names. Of course you know people you’ve added, and you’ll soon realize who was there yesterday, but isn’t today. Search for them on public communities and forums. When you realize that person X no more exists in your friend list, and for sure you didn’t delete him/her, you know that particular friend blocked you.

How to Know if you’ve been Blocked?

Method 1

Google your friends. No qualms about searching person X on this amazing search engine. Don’t forget to log out before you begin the search, as it will give you generic results. Now, write the person’s name on the search bar in double quotes, for example, ‘Peter Jose’. Check out the results on that name. If there is a Facebook result, the person hasn’t deleted his/her account by any chance, and the matter is something else.

Now, open a different browser, and log in to your account. Search his/her name again on Google, and check out the results. If you can’t now, you’re blocked. Nevertheless, most of the time, people set their profiles on modes by which you cannot search them with the help of search engines. So, better stop grumbling, and move on to other methods.

Method 2

Here, you can ask your mutual friends, or search through communities and fan pages where they might have commented or posted. Asking mutual friends directly is a better way, as it eradicates all the doubts you have. Talk to the mutual friend and confirm whether the person who blocked you still has an active account. If yes, why cannot you see him/her? As simple as that, you’ll realize they’ve blocked you! However, if both of you never had a single mutual friend, obviously you remember where the person was active the most. Browse through his/her most liked fan pages and communities, and search for him/her there. If you still do not find them, you’re blocked!

Method 3

As melodramatic as it might sound, just chuck it and move on! Ask yourself if this really bothers you. You need to get over this psychosis that Facebook is everything, everything a person does on it is real. As funny as it may seem, I’ve seen people falling into a relationship, breaking up on it, and updating their statuses … all on Facebook (I do respect their personal choices). Come on, it’s just a social networking site. If a person has blocked you, it may be due to a number of reasons.

Do not jump into conclusions that they do not like you, or want to get rid of you or something. If possible, talk to them in person as to why do they refrain talking to you. Even better, make new and better friends! The secret here is that, it is quite possible that the person who did this to you may unblock you again, when he/she finds out that you are not interested in pursuing him/her, and are just moving on.

Bingo! And then, one fine day, you might receive a message from them, ‘Hey, long time! How are you, buddy?’ At that time, don’t act all high and mighty and arrogant, just pretend that nothing happened, or if it did, it did not affect you. You will see that this particular person will pay you more attention than before!

So, now you know all about what happens when you block someone or get blocked. If you want to practically try it, log into your account and go to any of your friends’ profile page, and block them. Don’t worry, they will not know if you’ve done this or not. Instead, play around for sometime, and let them come back here befuddled and wondering ‘am I blocked on Facebook?

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