How to Connect a Laptop to HDTV Wirelessly

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By connecting your laptop to an HDTV via radio link, you can use it as a display monitor. This article is a short guide on how to connect a laptop to HDTV wirelessly using an Atlona AT-AiR3 wireless adapter.

Seamless connectivity between various electronic devices like laptop computers and high-definition television sets is now possible with the development of an interface technology, which can effectively enable data transfer between them. As you might already know, today’s laptop computers can be easily connected with television sets using HDMI or VGA cables. However, until recently, connecting a laptop to an HDTV wirelessly wasn’t possible due to technological limitations. Now laptop to HDTV wireless adapters are available, that let you stream laptop audio and video output over a radio link to any HDTV.

When all your high quality movies are stored on your laptop computer, but you would rather watch them on your brand new HDTV, what can you do? Connect your laptop with your television set of course! While you could easily connect a laptop to TV using HDMI cables, you can also do the same using a wireless adapter. Using such adapters, you can also use electronic projectors as display monitors. Without further ado, let’s see how the connection between laptop computers and high-definition televisions is made possible.

About Atlona AT-AiR3 Wireless Adapter

The device which makes this connectivity possible is a wireless adapter with a laptop to HDTV interface. Of the many such devices you could purchase in the market, one of the best is Atlona AT-AiR3. You can use it to connect any desktop or laptop computer with an HDTV or monitor. It can transmit and display picture with 1080p resolution up to a maximum distance of 30 feet. The device comes in two parts, which includes a USB adapter, that transmits data from a laptop or desktop and USB receiver with audio/video base, that connects with the TV or any other display device through VGA or HDMI connectors. It is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS X operating systems. With a three year warranty, the device will cost you $219.99. Along with the adapter, you will also have to purchase a high quality HDMI cable.

How to Connect a Laptop to HDTV Wirelessly Using AT-AiR3 Wireless Adapter?

Assuming that you have purchased the AT-AiR3, let me explain how the adapter connects your laptop with a high-definition television set.

Step 1: Install Driver Software

For the USB adapter to work with your laptop computer, you need to install the driver software supplied with the equipment on a CD. Insert the disc in the laptop optical drive and install the driver. Make sure that you choose the right local setting during the installation. You will need to restart the computer for the driver to be activated and settings to take effect.

Step 2: Connect USB Adapter and Receiver

Meanwhile, you can connect the USB receiver fitted into the audio/video base with your HDTV using an HDMI cable. This cable will transmit both audio and video signals from the laptop to the TV. You will need to connect the power adapter to the receiver. Switch on your TV and power up the USB receiver.

Step 3: Change Laptop Display Settings

As soon as the receiver is powered on, the USB adapter attached to the laptop will get paired with the receiver device. Using the features of the installed driver software, choose the ‘Extend’ option to switch over display to HDTV. This should be followed by setting of the display resolution and color quality for the TV display.

Choose the ‘mirror’ mode, so that HDTV display mimics laptop video output. You may also alternatively set the display resolution through Windows display settings (if you do that, choose the ‘Extend’ option there too). Make sure that you make the right choice of display monitor. Set the laptop audio to switch over to ‘USB audio’. With that you are all set to display laptop video output on the HDTV screen!

If you encounter any problems during installation, refer to the AT-AiR3 user manual, which has detailed troubleshooting guidelines. Enjoy watching your favorite movies on the HDTV! The device can also come in handy during seminars, when you need to display laptop slides on a projector screen. All in all, one can safely conclude that the wireless adapter is a worthy investment.

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