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Wireless Headphones for Running

Wireless Headphones for Running

For some cool options on the best wireless headphones for running, check out the following article that reviews the coolest stereo headsets in the tech-world today...
Veethi Telang
Okay, so, you run, and they fall. You run again, and they fall again. This keeps on happening until you disconnect them in disgust, and put them back into your pockets! What's with your wired headphones, pal? The world is going gaga over Bluetooth and wireless and stuff, and you're still hooked on to your wired headphones which not only hold a mysterious knack of entangling themselves, but never, never let you jog seriously.

Here we have a permanent solution - wireless headphones! They may cost you a little more than the average earbuds, but dude, when you plug 'em in and hit on play, you're going to be in trance till the songs stop playing! And hey, as for your daily dose of jogging, these wireless headphones make your jog and job as easy as 123. Connect them to your iPod/cell phone/mp3 player via Bluetooth, and forget what's frickin' happening in the world. It's just you, your jog, and your music. All the way. They're chic, they're sexy, and thankfully, they save your time that you otherwise squander disentangling your headphones all the time. To have a fluttering peek of the best wireless headphones that can take you by storm, the following words make for an interesting read.

Jabra BT620
Approx. MRP: $105
When it comes to wireless headsets, Jabra ranks way up high in terms of audio quality and performance. Its BT620 is uniquely built with good 14 hours of battery life, and 240 hours of standby. Reviewers say, this is the best Bluetooth headset they came across in terms of sound quality, since this is the most important thing in any headphone, and maximum headsets give a bad reputation. While many Bluetooth headsets keep posing signal problems for users, the Jabra BT620 beats all others in the same with its phenomenal connectivity.

Motorola Rokr S9
Approx. MRP: $50
If a wireless headphone with tiny earbuds is what attracts your attention the most, you might want to give a go to the superb looking Rokr S9 from the Motorola clan. The buttons are extremely easy allowing easy pairing with your device, the weight is too light, and the audio quality takes you to some other world. With 6 hours of battery life for music, and 7 hours for talktime, just for running purposes, the neck-banded Rokr S9 is your best pick.

Sennheiser RS 160
Approx. MRP: $180
This one goes over the head, and produces thumping sound with killer bass. Another piece of headphones with excellent reception, this headset requires two AAA rechargeable batteries, which run for 24 hours straight. Well, if you're ready for some money squander, why not forget other teeny-weeny headsets and pick this one instead? It'll suit your personality, and will give you the best home theater wireless experience!

Sony DR-BT160
Approx. MRP: $179
They might be pricey, but they're worth every penny. The Sony DR-BT160 headphones allow easy wireless audio streaming with a compatible Bluetooth device attached to them. They're also referred to as fitness-friendly headphones, and come in a neck-band style. For those who're too finicky about the uniqueness of their headsets, these make for an interesting buy. The sound quality is awesome, and leaves you bemused every time you plug them in.

Can't find what you were looking for? Here's yet another compilation for some cool wireless headphones to ease your daily jogging and running sprees. If the above couldn't satisfy your search, hope the following do:
  • LG HBS-250 Stereo Bluetooth Headset
  • Plantronics 906/R US BackBeat Headphones
  • Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 Stereo Bluetooth Headset
  • Altec Lansing BackBeat 906
  • JayBird SB1B Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones
With your new wireless headphones, hit the streets in your running shoes with a smile on your face, and music in your mind. Your headphones make it easy for you to add some more to your fitness, and run that extra mile!