How to Block Websites on Internet Explorer

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How to Block Websites on Internet Explorer

A number of ad sites may catch you unawares right in the middle of your work. Though seemingly harmless, these sites can expose your computer to viruses and other software. However, there are many software to block websites on Internet Explorer and protect your computer from harm.

Thanks to the Internet, any information needed by you is just a click away. Internet Explorer is a popular web browser, used and preferred by many. People use Internet explorer to access various sites, be it information, education or entertainment. But along with informative websites, several other undesirable websites and pop ups may also open.

This can make your computer slower and prone to virus attacks. To save your computer from these threats, blocking websites is the best option. Websites can be blocked to prevent malicious and unwanted websites that may interrupt your surfing the Internet. Children can get easily addicted to the Internet, and blocking some websites frequented by children can discourage them from using it and also ‘de-addict’ them.

The task of blocking sites is quite easy and just by following a few instructions, you can block a website or an entire web address from your computer. Follow these guidelines and your computer will soon be free from unnecessary spyware and pop ups.

  • Opening a new page on the web browser is the first step for blocking any website. You will notice a ‘Menu Bar’ on the page, which has options like ‘File’, ‘Edit’, ‘View’ ‘Favorites’, ‘Tools’ and ‘Help’.
  • When you see the ‘Tools’ option, click on it to expand it. You will notice ‘Internet Options’, once the ‘Tools’ tab has opened. On clicking it, a dialog box will pop up.
  • Go to the ‘Content’ tab, and you will notice a ‘Content Advisor’ section with two buttons. Click on the left side button, which says ‘Enable’. Once you click on it, a small window requesting your permission to continue will open.
  • Click on the ‘Continue’ button, which will further open up a new ‘Content Advisor’ pop up window. An ‘Approved Sites’ tab will be seen on the left side (the second tab). Clicking on the tab, will open a page, which may contain a bar asking you to block the sites you want. For e.g. if you want to block Twitter, type this name on the bar which says ‘Allow this website’. By clicking on the ‘Never’ and ‘OK’ buttons, you will add this website to the list of disapproved websites.
  • If you want to block the website completely from Internet Explorer, you may have to type ‘*’ (an asterisk) in front of the domain name. After adding the websites you wish to block, go to the ‘General’ tab, which is next to the ‘Approved Sites’ and check on the option which says ‘Users can see websites that have no rating‘.
  • The final step for blocking websites on Internet Explorer is to secure your changes with a password. In the same ‘General’ tab, you will notice an option, which is the ‘Supervisor Password’. After clicking on the ‘Create Password’ button, another pop up window will open, asking you for a password. Type a simple password, (that can be easily remembered) and confirm it again. (You can also enter a hint, if you want, just to be sure in case). Once you have created the password, keep clicking on ‘OK’, till all the pop up windows close. There you go! You have successfully completed the task and secured your surfing. You can use these methods to block websites on any version of Internet Explorer.

Blocking or obstructing unwanted websites on Internet Explorer will reduce unnecessary pop ups and other stuff. It will also keep your computer free from viruses and other malware.

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