How to Block a Phone Number from Texting You

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How to Block a Phone Number from Texting You

Find out how to block a phone number from texting you here to get the much-needed respite from annoying text messages and unwanted offers once and for all!

It’s irritating, sometimes even scary. Attention, when unwanted, can be an intimidating force, which has a negative effect upon the life of the subject upon whom it is focused. There are three ways in which the situation can be dealt with – allow yourself to get harassed, try to ignore the attention, or get up and do something to stop it!

While most people choose to go along with the second option, the last alternative is the right thing to do to avoid ending up being the victim of intimidating intrusion of your life and privacy. Unwanted calls and text messages fall under this category of intrusive activities, which can leave you stressed and drained of mental energy.

While most common instances of unwanted text messages come in the form of often-irritating, yet quite-innocuous commercial offers and contests, the instances of text-stalking have become quite the norm of the day.

Technology pulling down all sorts of barriers to communication and accessibility, is leaving little room for privacy. Therefore, we will give you some ideas on how to block a phone number from texting you.

List of Available Options

Whether your phone gets inundated with marketing offers every day or whether you’re being stalked by some harasser with a sick mind, here are some options you can choose from to block undesirable messages from a particular phone number.

Do-Not-Call Directory

Getting your number registered with a do-not-call directory ensures that telemarketers neither call nor text you with their offers. This cuts down the bulk of spam messages significantly.

Also, while purchasing a cell phone connection, when you fill out the form giving your personal details, check the NO box where it asks you whether you would like to receive special offers by SMS or not.

Contact Service Provider

When it comes to blocking a number from calling you, it’s pretty easy. While most cell phone models come with an inbuilt Block Number, Reject Call, or Block Caller option (either in the Phone Book or the Settings menu), there is no such provision for blocking texts in most models.

It is best to contact your service provider to get a particular number blocked such that you neither receive calls nor texts from it. That number is permanently blacklisted and barred from contacting you. Most cell phone service providers’ websites allow you to create user accounts from where you can avail of call and text blocking options.

Also, certain service providers give you the option to block a number from calling and texting you by simply typing a code followed by the number you want blocked on and SMS it to their customer care number (usually a four digit code). This method is pretty effective.

Lodge a Police Complaint

This is probably the best remedy against phone stalkers, as they not only stop bugging you, but would think twice before bugging someone else too. If the messages are threatening, obnoxious, and contain obscene words and abusive language, you can lodge a formal complaint at your local police station regarding the same.

This method is the best remedy for idiots who think they can have a little fun at someone else’s expense, but do not have the courage to show their faces. No wonder they hide behind the phone! It’s far better than getting your number changed when the fault is clearly not yours!

This way, while you rid yourself of the bother, you also make sure that the same guy does not move on to another victim and harass him/her in a similar fashion. Such a bold step taken on your behalf makes sure that the harasser retraces a step back from moving on to the next victim.

Now that you know how to block a phone number from texting you, You can save yourself all the irritation and stress by going ahead and taking the appropriate action. Although most people resort to changing their number when stalked on the phone, that, perhaps, is not the best way to go.

A criminal-minded person, who could somehow get your previous number can use similar means to access your new number! Besides, there is not just one stalker out there! Rather than running away, take the appropriate step against the one who is doing something to you which you clearly don’t deserve! You’re not only a victim. You need to take charge.

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