Best iPad Accessories

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Best iPad Accessories

Just a mere glance of the gorgeous iPad, and all those once averse to technology, seem to hail this king of tablets. And just when you thought that it couldn’t get any better, you have a range of accessories to be the perfect match for you tablet PC.

In all honesty, what’s an iPad without accessories? A case so beautiful, that your iPad sleeps inside with ease. A dock, on which it can stand,with pride. Plugin a cool set of Apple earphones, and you forget the current episode of the world. So much more to explore within this one-of-its-kind tablet. Really, the Apple iPad, especially the latest installment, with its mind-boggling ideas and incredible technology, straightaway hits your sanity, making you lust for it more and more. Further, with its set of amazing accessories, believe me, you’re going to have a hard time trying to put it down once you have picked it up. If you’re a proud owner of this tablet, here is a review of the most successful accessories, that might ask for a pretty penny, but promise loads of fun with each tap, swipe, and pinch.

Accessories You Can Buy

iPad Smart Cover

Price: @ $47
The iPad is, indeed, the most beautiful tablet PC in the world. Why would you want to hide it in a bulky case, where you need to spend a good amount of time just taking it out of the case? The next generation smart cover lets you hold your tablet with style, and when you want to take it out, the cover just flips like a page of a notebook. Isn’t that smart? Open it, and it brightens up your tablet. Close it, and it puts your device to sleep. 10 colors to suit your mood, and an impressive surfing stand with built-in magnets to watch movies and play games.

iPad Dock

Price: @ $29
Make your iPad stand high, and stand out, with your personal hub for all the things, as this dock lets you have easy access to the port that allows you to charge your tablet, sync it with other devices, connect to external speakers, and support other accessories too. It’s a perfect accessory for your desk, as your tablet sits upright in the dock, no matter what are you doing on it.

Apple Wireless Keyboard

Price: @ $69
The Bluetooth technology of this beautiful, sleek keyboard, lets you connect your iPad to it, as easily as 1,2,3. An extremely portable device, the Apple Wireless keyboard is one of the finest Bluetooth keyboards ever made. It doesn’t take much space on your desk, and definitely stands out in appearance. So, even when all of us love the multi-touch technology of the tablet, there’s something with the ‘tapping’ sound of a keyboard that is often missed. If you are a freelance writer or a novelist, the Apple Wireless Keyboard promises to enhance your typing speed!

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

Price: @ $29
Of all the things that modern technology has bestowed upon us, headphones, that too the in-ear ones, rank way up high, thanks to the performance and comfort that they provide to music-lovers! The Apple in-ear headphones superbly control music and video playback, and offer mind-blowing passive noise-cancellation. You can hear every single note of music with these headphones, as it offers awesome sound isolation. You can play music, pause music, rewind, forward, or even skip a number, these headphones have it all sorted out for you, with ease.

Apart from the above four adornments for your tablet, go through a list of some more cool embellishments that make up for a must-have for your darling tablet. Don’t worry, they won’t break your bank. Take a look:

  • Apple Composite AV Cable ($39)
  • iPad Camera Connection Kit – a camera connector and a SD card reader ($29)
  • Apple Digital AV Adapter ($39)
  • Zagg Invisible Shield ($39)
  • Fosmon Metal Stylus ($3)

Long before the launch of iPad, every tech-veteran, website, and magazine, had at least one gossip to share about the tablet. Well, all thanks to the buzz this monster of a tablet PC was able to generate, today, if you have it in your hand, it’s time to complete it by owning those accessories, which will kick your tablet experience up a notch.

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