Wii Vs. Kinect Vs. Move

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Wii Vs. Kinect Vs. Move

Motion sensing is the latest gaming technology all around, and the competition is very fierce. Scroll below to see how the Kinect, Move and Wii compare.

In visions of the future, a gamer’s dream is to be in the game, and live in the game. The further away from reality, the better. Well, the future is here. First the Wii set the trend of motion gaming. Then 4 years later, both Sony and Microsoft have hopped onto the motion gaming train, with two impressive controllers, the Move and the Kinect. Each is innovative in their own right. In 3 corners, we have 3 powerhouse gaming companies, 3 groundbreaking consoles, and 3 motion-sensor controllers, fight it out for the ultimate showdown: Wii vs. Kinect vs. Move.

Nintendo Wii Vs. Xbox 360 Kinect Vs. PS3 Move

In the Wii vs. Kinect vs. Move match-up, meet the contenders.

Nintendo Wii

From the creators of Mario and the GameCube, comes a simple white warrior, with a remote as game controller. The Wii is the granddaddy of motion gaming consoles. Have you seen people standing in front of their TV screens, waving a controller frantically? All thanks to the Wii. A simple design, allows easy setting up. Plug the video cable to the TV, plug in the power cord and remote and you are set. The key point of a Wii is not the graphics but the gameplay. Those looking for a high quality HD graphics, gaming console, look at the Xbox 360 or PS3. The Wii is meant for fun and innovative gameplay. And boy, does it deliver. The white remote controller, Wiimote, connects to the Wii via Bluetooth, using a sensor bar, placed near the TV. The remote senses motion and translates it into action within the game. So, swing the remote to hit a home run or chop someone’s head off. The Wiimote is a revolutionary controller, as it detects motion in 3 dimensions, without any visual aids like a web camera.

Kinect for Xbox 360

The gaming console has always had a controller. Like the computer has a mouse and a keyboard. But the tablet PC took the keyboard away by allowing the user to directly touch the screen. The Kinect does the same with the Xbox 360, it takes the controller away and allows you, the player to interact directly with the game. Walk, run, jump and your gaming character does the same. It even recognizes voice commands. Once again targeting the motion-gaming audience, the Kinect uses a web camera/motion detector to convert your movements into gestures in the video game. It must be placed above or below your TV and here’s the catch: at least 6 feet of room should be in between the player and the sensor. So the Kinect’s out for those with less space and a small area in front of the TV. And playing with such a system, is a complete workout. Most games require you to stand and with the gesturing and talking, it makes a great exercise tool. The Guinness World Record for “fastest selling consumer electronics device” is held by the Kinect, for selling 8 million units in 1 month.

PlayStation 3 Move

The greatest console of them all, is the PlayStation. Version 3, 2 or 1, it just gets better and better with age. So how can one improve on perfection? By releasing a motion-sensing game controller, of course. The Move looks like a wand with a glowing bulb attached. It requires the PlayStation Eye camera, to view the gestures and actions of the player and translate them into motions in the video game. And this tracking is done by that glowing sphere on the controller’s end. The Move has been praised for extremely precise motion control. It literally does what you do, with more accuracy. And it is compatible with any PS3 system. So hardcore and amateurs alike, will be pleased with the gaming experience. There’s even a secondary navigation controller, for certain games. The Move won the 2010 Popular Science award for “Most immersive game controller”.

Controller Comparison Chart

Feature/ Name Kinect Wii Move
Type Game Controller Game Console Game Controller
Manufacturer Microsoft Nintendo Sony
Release November 4, 2010 November 19, 2006 September 15, 2010
Required Hardware Xbox 360 console Wii Remote PS3, PlayStation Eye
Media Type Webcam Console with Controller Motion sensor and Camera
Connectivity Wired to Xbox 360 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB Bluetooth, USB
Recognition Voice, Face, Gestures Motion Voice, Motion
Games Kinect Adventures Wii Sports Sports Champions
Multiplayer 1 Kinect supports 4 players One controller for each player Each player needs a controller
Compatibility Xbox 360 Slim, older models need power cord Backward compatible with GameCube All PS3 models
Accessories None Various depending on game Charging station, shooting attachment
Gameplay Fast and accurate, very physical Trendsetter but is slow and inaccurate Very precise, no lag
Price $150 $160 $100


The Move is the least expensive entry over here, with the most in it. You get 2 controllers, the Eye and a bundled game for just $100. And coupled with the PlayStation 3’s impressive game library and graphics capacity, you might just have the best gaming machine ever. All genres of games can be played and the motion tracking system is very precise. For PlayStation owners, the Move makes a smart buy. The future of motion gaming is with the Kinect. It is very popular with families, as an ideal gaming tool for young kids. It is also gaining popularity as a workout tool, to be used with a fitness game. Dance, aerobics, martial arts, basic exercises are being programmed as games. All the player has to do is perform the on-screen moves and the Kinect will recognized the movements and relay them to the game. But outside of motion recognition, the scope of this controller is limited. Can you imagine playing Counter-Strike on a Kinect? Not really. Plus, the space requirement between the sensor and the player is a real head banger. For those with large living rooms and families, the Kinect makes an ideal household console. Plus, it has a high price for just a controller. But then it promises an unmatched playing experience and lives up to its promise.

So ,which is better, Xbox Kinect, or Wii or Move? One should cut the Wii a little slack here. Yes, it is slower in graphics and gameplay, than the Xbox and PS3. Yes, the Wii Remote’s accuracy does not match up to the accuracy level of the Move or Kinect. But it took a step into the murky realm of motion gaming and emerged victorious. Above all, it makes any game, a fun experience. Plus, it has the most extensive library of games around, and in this aspect, the Kinect and Move are still kids. Therefore don’t throw out your Wii yet. To sum up, in our Wii vs. Kinect vs. Move fight, the gamer wins! The three dynamic controllers for one style of gaming, each unique in its own way, just improves the quality and quantity of game titles.

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