How Much Does a Toll-Free Number Cost?

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How Much Does a Toll-Free Number Cost?

How much does a toll-free number cost is a question asked by many business owners. If you too are wondering about the cost of toll-free numbers, you will find the following article helpful as well as resourceful.

One of the much-needed services provided by businesses today is a toll-free number. It has been observed, customers prefer calling these toll-free numbers, especially when they do not have to carry the burden on long distance calls. Many businesses have numbers that are reachable by customers located in any part of the world. Thus, these numbers have become a huge success with small as well as large businesses, because the customer feels the number is received by a customer care official present in their own country. This brings us to the question, what are toll-free numbers. Toll-free numbers are phone numbers that have reverse charges. This means it is not the caller, but the person who is called pays for the call. Therefore, it is the businesses who pay for the call and their customers can reach them free of charge. If you are interested in getting a toll-free number, you must be worried about its cost. Let us have a look at how much does a toll-free number cost by going through the following article.

What Are Toll-Free Numbers?

Toll free numbers are phone numbers known as 800 numbers in the United States. These numbers allow people to call anywhere in the US without having to shell out the expensive long distance charges. This phone system works on a VOIP call routing. This helps in making the call transfer very fast and disturbance free. Thus, customers can call your business absolutely free of cost. This makes your service more appealing to the potential customers as they do not have to incur any call charges or fees. Getting a toll-free number is one of the main telemarketing strategies for businesses.

How Much does a Toll-Free Number Cost?

Obtaining a toll-free number is not much of a hassle, if you’re know where to look. There are many companies that offer toll-free number services to those looking for it. Many suppliers charge a setup fee for these toll-free phone numbers that varies from about $15 to $125. Apart from that, one has to pay a monthly charge for these toll-free numbers. These charges start from about $9.48. This monthly charge depends on the number of perks you want to include in your plan. So, the best way to find out which supplier provides you the best deal is to speak to at least 4 to 5 of these companies. Speak to them about the options you want and the extra perks they are ready to offer you. Once you get the deal that suits your need, you can pay for service and toll-free number you want.

Why Would I Want a Toll-Free Number?

One of the questions that will run trough your mind is ‘what would I do with a toll-free number?’. A toll-free number does not cost much as you can see from above. It helps provide you a number that can be used around the country, if you happen to move or shift your base. This means your customers can still contact you, even if you are not able to update them about your change in address. Apart from that, when you advertise a toll-free number, it is more likely to generate a better response from customers. This is because they do not have to pay for the call, even if they are just calling to inquire about your services. Also, if your businesses is a service center, you are more likely to get calls from customers who are facing problems with the working of their products. It will be easier for them to reach you, even if you are traveling.

Toll-free numbers are also useful for people who need to use these numbers for personal use. One can get a toll-free number and contact their family when they run out of money or cell phone balance. This number is very useful during an emergency, in case one is robbed or has lost their cell phone. It will also be useful to give the number to children who can always contact their parents in case they are lost or in danger. As the number is toll-free, one can call and contact someone from the first phone they find, even if they have no money. Also, the calls are much cheaper on a toll-free number. For example, a regular call may cost about 25 cents for a 2 minute chat, whereas, a toll-free number will cost about 14 cents for the same.

One can get a toll-free number for a low price of $1/month, along with a 6.9 cents/minute call rate. Thus, you do not have to pay a lot and always stay in contact with your customers or your family in case of emergency. Try to find the best deal by comparing prices, features, plans as well as extra perks offered by different companies.

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