How Does Peter Answers Work

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How Does Peter Answers Work

You have tried entering the petition and question hundred times, and yet Peter just refuses to answer. If you are one such frustrated user of Peter Answers, then this article will help you uncover how it all truly works.

There are many people who have tried their very best to get Peter Answers virtual tarot card to work. But alas, all they manage to get is ‘I’ll answer on this question later’. If you’ re one of those people who want to know their future, then you must have tried going to this site. However, in order to make it work, you need to have true dedication and faith in him. Or, a person who is honest with the keyboard will do. Confused? Let me help explain how this works.

How Does Peter Answers Website Work?

Peter Answers is a popular website among pranksters, and comes in the complete package of a typical scam website. The website has a supernatural look added in a subtle way that tempts users to ask questions related to the future.

When you reach the landing page of the website, you will find the petition box and the question box. Of course, you also get to meet Peter who is a psychic, who needs to be treated with a lot of respect and trust. If he ‘feels’ that you are not giving out positive vibes, he will refuse to answer your question. Therefore, with a lot of faith in your mind, you need to make a petition. Before asking your question, you need to use the sentence, ‘Peter, please answer the following question:’ in the petition box.

However, the most common answer that you may get is, “Peter Answers: The souls have different concepts that prevent to answer the question uniformly.” In some cases, he may even reply, Peter Answers: “I refuse to answer“. This makes you try even harder and you begin to wonder, how come the guy in your office has all the questions answered and you are left with these disappointing replies?

Well, has the thought ever crossed your mind that Peter is just a virtual entity in the Internet world. How can this virtual entity feel or understand these souls and their different concepts? Peter Answers has a secret that will make you feel like a fool (believe me I did too when I uncovered this secret code). When you enter the site, you will see a box that asks you to type in your question. But, before the question you are asked to make a petition, ‘Peter, please answer the following question:’. Now, here’s the trick. You need to insert a dot (.), instead of writing the petition. This dot (.) indicates the program that you are going to begin writing the answer. Then, you will find, ‘P’ appear in place of the ‘dot’ (.) you typed in. Then, you need to type in your answer (keeping it as short as possible). The program will display the words “Peter, please answer the following question” instead of your answer in the petition box while you are typing out the answer.

Once you finish typing in your answer, you need to add another ‘dot’ (.) as it indicated at the end of the answer. Whatever is missing in the sentence, you can complete it by adding a colon (:) and this will enable the question space. Now, simply type in the question to the answer you wrote above and click OK. The program will automatically give away the correct answer. It’s that simple to get answers from Peter.

The Technicalities Behind It

For those who are hungry for some answers related to the the background scripting, the website has incorporated ASP script called ‘PeterAnswers.aspx’ to safeguard their secret. This does not allow anyone to see the script without having access to the web server files. When one key on the computer keyboard is pressed it leads to return of a character. This is the ‘onKeyPress’ event handler. But, in this case, all appear to be identical, but they actually are not. One has an ‘O’ followed by two zeroes and three ‘O’ following the zeros again. The second function too has an ‘O’, followed by zero and another letter ‘O’ and lastly four zeros. In case of ‘OnKeyDown’ event handler, one single function that handles text gets entered into each field. This returns a text value to the field. In reality, there are four distinct functions that handle every single key hit. So, with the ‘Petition’ field, the ASP script returns everything one types. But, when it sees a (.), it types the expected sentence ‘Peter, please….’. And what happens to the answer you type? Well, that gets saved till you type in (.). Then, once the click button is hit, the saved text is visible in the form of Peter Answers.

Does Peter Answers Virtual Tarot Provide Real Answers?

By now, you surely must have guessed the answer to the question. Peter Answers is a not an authentic fortune teller or astrology site. It is a prankster site that scams the players unaware of the real trick behind the whole process. This is a scam you can use to fool your friends who believe in the unscientific mumbo jumbo, such as fortune-telling.

If you have a friend who is blissfully unaware of the magical secret, treat them with the accurate answers given out by this virtual psychic and see their shocked expressions!

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