How to Create a Facebook Widget

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How to Create a Facebook Widget

Do you want to learn how to create a Facebook widget? In this article, we will learn how to create widgets on this social networking site and how to make a profile badge that you can embed on another site.

Several web users are unsure about what a widget is. It is an application or a HTML code that can be inserted into websites by a user who has administrator rights to a page to create applications that gather information from specified websites and source it to one site. This is convenient for a user, as one can access information from different profiles without actually logging in to different websites. With the craze that Facebook has become, there are many users who feel the need to create Facebook widgets in order to get a live stream of information from their profile. Facebook allows you to use pre scripted ones, but you can create customized ones, if you have knowledge of HTML.

Creating a Facebook Widget

In order to create widgets on Facebook, one of the best options that you could use is an online creator or editor similar to Widgetbox that will enable you to create a widget which is compatible with the social networking site. Many of these online editors are free and will not charge you a cent to create a widget on it. The steps to create a widget on most of these sites are the same and therefore, we will give you a generic introduction to the same. Basic knowledge of HTML maybe helpful. Once you have logged on to the site, select the option to make a widget.

Then select the option that you want to use and the type of content to create it. The options that you will have will generally be FlashWeb PageGadgetBlog, and HTML. If you are using HTML code, then you will need to enter the name. Alternatively, you can enter the URL of the source from which you are deriving the content. The website may then ask you to choose if you want to continue. While making widgets, you will have to give specifications for its width and the height and also select the setting for inserting it. There are previously coded snippet codes, which you will now need to insert.

For this, you can choose the options in the snippet menu. This will allow the insertion of a HTML code that has been previously written. After you are asked to save the changes and apply them, you can preview the widget. Once it has been created, log in to Facebook. There is a developers link at the end of the page, which you need to click. Once you are on this page, you will need to click on the get started link. You will also need to add the developer application to your profile on Facebook. Click on the tab, feed profile console. Now, enter the code that you created on the widget editor site and post it on your profile.

Creating Facebook Profile Badges

Facebook allows you to create widgets or what they prefer calling profile badges that users can share on other websites. The process to create these badges is very simple. All you need to do is log in and scroll to the bottom of the page, where there are options for profile layout and create profile badge. The second option will allow you to create a widget to share information from your profile on Facebook. It allows you to share it on many different websites, including Blogger and TypePad or you can just click on the option marked other. You can copy the HTML code and paste it to create a widget on your website. Facebook has options like Fan Box, Live Stream box, Photo Badge, and Page Badge which can be embedded on other websites to show off a variety of information.

So, now you know how to create widgets, both on the social networking site and on other websites too. You can now create profile badges to share information with friends and family and also forgo the need to constantly check different websites for updated information.

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