Gold Detectors

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Gold Detectors

In the olden days, people find gold with the help of gold pan or sluice box. But now we have advanced gold detectors to find gold more efficiently than ever before. Find details about these detectors with the reviews of some of the best detectors available in the market.

Gold detector is a device which is specially meant for treasure hunting. It is used to discover different place where there is a possibility of finding gold. In the previous years people were dependent on water to find gold but with the help of these detectors you can find gold without water and yes, inside water too.

Working of a Gold Detector

Gold detectors work with the help of electromagnetic technology. The magnetic field inside the detector reacts with the magnetic field of the metal on or under the earth’s surface. Then this reaction is converted into signals and the detector indicates the presence of metal. This is how a gold metal detector works.

There are many gold detectors available in the market and their working depends upon their usage. Gold metal detectors are very useful in the desert regions of Southern California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. These regions are deprived of water but are rich in gold. Hence gold detectors are the only and very effective way of searching gold in these areas. Working of a gold detector depends on three factors: tuning, motion and frequency.

Following is the description.

  • Tuning is said to be the most important one, as you need to calibrate the type of metal you are searching for like gold coins, rings, etc., with your detector. This is a regular process which should be monitored and changed accordingly.
  • Second is motion. It is the motion or swing which you perform by the detector to detect the presence of gold. Its speed depends on the detector and hence it is very necessary to read the manual provided by the company to find out the detector’s speed.
  • The third one is the frequency. Different detectors work with different frequencies. These frequencies are usually low as low frequencies can help detect the presence of gold deep under the earth’s surface. The frequencies vary from 5-10khz and 15-20khz depending upon the type of usage.

Gold Detectors Reviews

From the last few years gold detector technology has grown a lot. There are many detectors available in the market which promise to work better than each other. But in such situations proper guidance is necessary. Based on the reviews you can give your own gold detectors ratings and can go for one accordingly. After that you can easily find out the specifications for the particular company to get a better idea of the product.

Treasure Hunter 3050-XJ9

It is a light weight machine with 6.55-6.75khz frequency. It is facilitated with a touch pad LCD screen which shows the depth and identity of the target and also indicates mode, sensitivity, etc. It has a waterproof 8″ coil. It comes with 5 years limited warranty.

Garrett GTI 2005

It serves as an advanced treasure hunting machine. It has LCD screen which shows the target and the settings. It also has a touch pad controller. It comes with 2 years limited warranty.

Famous Trails MD 6000

This is a waterproof metal detector. It has an LCD screen with speakers. It has extra large underwater targeting waterproof search facility. It comes with 5 years warranty. You can also check out some of the underwater metal detectors for sale in the market for a better idea.

Minelab Eureka

It has a triple frequency technology which makes it easier to use. It has accu-track digital ground balance. It includes free scuff cover and comes with 3 years warranty.

I hope the above given information will help you to make a more accurate gold detectors comparison and help you to opt for the best one. The working is simple but as I always suggest, read the manual carefully before using the product.

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