List of Online Pet Games

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List of Online Pet Games

Online pet games can really be fun, not only for the kids but also for adults. Let us find out a couple of interesting games in this article.

There are many of us who want to keep a pet but are not able to do so. Most of the time, it is because of a busy lifestyle which may not give us enough time. And if one cannot spare time for the pets, it is better to let them be with someone who can take proper care. Hence, people who are not able to own it can try playing pet games online, which gives the liberty to pamper and care, at least virtually. Mentioned below are few kiddie online pet games.

For Girls

Dress A Hamster

Girls usually like to dress up and look good. They may also like to dress up their pets at times. If you’re among those who love to dress up their pets, then this one’s for you. In this game, your virtual pet will be a hamster (cute little rodents) and you can dress it up as you please. You can choose from various sunglasses, pants, coats, hats, shoes, etc.

Naughty Pets

In this game, you are a care taker of a pet shop and it is your first day at work. All the animals at your shop appear to be sick and your job is to take care of them. They get naughty, which only increases your workload. A nice game which will let you pamper your favorite pets.

Me and My Pet

In this game, there is a girl and her pet dog who would want to go for a walk. You will have to dress them up. There are plenty of dresses, shoes, and hairstyles that you can get for the girl. You can also do her makeup. And then, for the dog you can choose hair, collar, leash, coat, etc. It’s a fun game which will keep you busy.

For Boys

Dalmatian Puppy Game

If you like the Dalmatians then you would surely love this game. In this simple game, there is a master and a dog. The master will throw a stick and the dog will have to overcome obstacles and get the stick. You will find bones on your way, and if you collect them, you get bonus points.

Little Duck Air Hockey

For boys who love playing air hockey, here’s a chance to play it with a cute little duck. You need to play it just the way you play air hockey. You will have to compete with your opponent ― the duck. The one who scores the most number of goals wins the game.

Funny Cat Bowling

The funny cat bowling game is really fun. Just like bowling, you will have to target with the help of ball given to you. The only difference being that, it is in the jungle and instead of pins there are cats! Play it and it will be fun.

There are many more virtual pet games available online. Most of them are available for free. However, there may be a few for which you will have to sign up and download applications. They are a great source of fun and also a great way to spend time, both for kids and adults.

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