Geek Squad

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Geek Squad

A computer breakdown is the last thing that we need on a relaxing day. Geek squad is a service company that helps people out of such a mess. To know more about the company and its operations, read on.

The Geek Squad is a company that provides on-call services for troubleshooting your personal computers. A subsidiary of Best Buy, it is based in Richfield, Minnesota. The company is headed by Robert Stephens and staffs more than 2400 agents who provide computer consulting on demand. The company is largely credited to be a pioneer in computer troubleshooting services at a personal level.

Company Operations

Most reviews have rated the company to be a good service provider in personalized computer troubleshooting and solutions. It must be noted that the company also provides services and technical support to corporate and commercial clients. The service of the company is well spread across five countries, covering United States, United Kingdom, Canada, China, and Puerto Rico. The operations of the squad are principally attached to that of Best Buy stores. Most of the stores contain a separate Geek Squad bay, hosting a dedicated team.

This team is responsible for computer repairs and revival of old personal computers. Apart from that, the team is also responsible for software and hardware upgrades for new computers. The Geek Squad team, in addition, also provides the setting up of services for electronic goods that are purchased from Best Buy. The squad also targets the market for high-end computer cables and accessories.

Apart from acting as the troubleshooting arm of Best Buy, the squad also generates a considerable amount of revenue from personalized services. Agents of the squad operate through three principal channels, namely the on-field, telephone, and website services. The on-field agents visit office locations and homes of clients for repair jobs. Apart from that, a team operates an entire call center for on-demand services. A team of agents also provides consultancy from the official website. Effective services are provided by the company in following domains:

  • Computers and networking applications
  • Television and related services
  • Audio systems and iPod services
  • Cars and GPS
  • Cell phones
  • Gaming facilities
  • Cameras and camcorder facilities
  • Other electronic devices

Facts about the Geek Squad

In order to avail their services, you will need to know the following facts about the company.

  • Phone number: The call center team can be contacted by dialing 1-800-433-5778.
  • Rates: Geek squad prices start at $49.99 for online live agents and rise as per the service plan.
  • Live Services: Apart from these facilities, the Geek Squad also provides e-mail support and a community forum.

Most clients have rated the services to be highly satisfactory and customer-friendly. Some advanced services such as speed test for the Internet have been accepted very positively.

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