Farmville Cheats that Work

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Farmville Cheats that Work

Do you love playing Farmville, but don’t know how to get up the levels ladder fast? The article below enlists some interesting Farmville cheats that work, which you can apply to reach higher levels quick enough.

Farmville, a popular game on Facebook, developed by Zynga was first launched in June 2009. Over the last few months, it has become so popular that most people using Facebook have played this game. Once you have created a farm for yourself, you can plant and harvest plants so as to gain farm coins and experiences so that you can get to the higher level. To reach a higher level in Farmville, you can buy seeds, which give you better returns, and over time, you can buy a larger farm. There are several Farmville cheats that work, which can be useful whenever you want more money, buy high value decorations, make more money, get to the higher level faster, and send a number of gifts to friends on the same day. There is no Farmville cheat engine as such, but there are tips and strategies which can help you gain more coins and levels faster.

Farmville Cheat Codes

There are several websites which may say that they have some Farmville cheats that work and ask people to sign up for some tutorial program. Never believe them, they will give you all the information, which you already know. The following are some simple Farmville cheats and tips besides some strategies, which you should apply so as to go higher up.

Cheats for Speed

To plow or plant your plot faster, you need to clear up a part of your farm designs and make the person in your farm, walk to that particular position which is cleared. Once you have made the person walk to a particular point, you should go to the market, purchase fences, and place them around the person in such a way that he or she can’t move out of that section. This would help you plant the crops much faster. This trick is helpful if you have a large area to plant or plow.

Cheats for Growing Crops

Each variety of crop grows at a different pace, and you can’t increase or decrease the speed at which crops grow. If you are away from your PC for longer periods, plant crops which take longer to grow, but if you are in front of your system after short intervals, you can plant those crops which take shorter periods to harvest. This ensures that your crops never get withered, thereby saving you money when you clear them.

Though not considered a cheat, planting strawberries in all the plots of your farm is a good option to accumulate more farm coins. Moreover, it also helps in gaining experiences quicker, as it takes only four hours for the crop to grow. Planting peas is another good option as you gain 3 experience points an hour. Besides these two, onions, asparagus, tomatoes, grapes, lilies, sugarcane, and sunflowers are other excellent options, but they are available only in higher levels.

Cheats that Give you Free Coins

Using Farmville cash cheat, you can buy more decorations, sell them and gain more coins. You can also sell your trees and gifts which you receive from friends and gain more coins. Even though they look excellent, they take a lot of space, which can otherwise be utilized for growing crops. If you don’t like to sell off your farm animals, make sure that you keep only those, which give you enough coins, such as chickens, horses, and goats. They give you a good return. Peach and cherry trees are not worth it, as they pay very less, rather if you sell them, you get better returns. On the other hand, date, olive, and banana trees pays better, so you can keep a few of them.

Instead of harvesting trees again and again, buy soybean seeds so that you can increase your experience level. Another important tip is not to plant one crop in the whole farm, instead you should grow multiple crops so that you can always have something or the other to harvest and gain more coins and experiences.

Thus, it’s very easy to go higher up the experience ladder in Farmville. Use the aforementioned Farmville cheats and see yourself going higher up the ladder faster than your friends.

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