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Gadgets We Can't Live Without

Gadgets We Can't Live Without

In this Techspirited article, I am listing down 10 gadgets we can't live without. We use them on a daily basis and they support and supplement your daily chores.
Foram Mehta
Machines and gadgets have reduced human effort, time spent and has also brought mental peace with it. For everything you can think of, there is a machine available for it.

In this article I am going to list down the gadgets that we can't live without. We are dependent on them, addicted to them and have befriended them. Thank the inventors for making the existence of these gadgets possible and thank god for creating these inventors. Let's have a look at them.
Gadgets We Can't Do Without
1. Smart Phones
Can you imagine just one day without your cell phone? Without calling, texting, or MMSing, anyone? Okay! If your answer is "Yes I can.", then let me tell you that, "I don't believe you". There are times we all get sick of our constantly ringing phones but then our cell phone is something that we can't really quit using. Go out without your cell phone and you'll feel like you've ended up in a new city. This happens right? Therefore, this ranks number one on the my list of gadgets we can't live without.

A cell phone today has everything starting from a camera, music player, camcorder, Facebook, twitter, Google+, temperature teller, song detector, GPS system, several other software and mainly the option of blocking people or calls from those you don't want to hear from.

Best Pick: iPhone 4 and HTC Sensation 4G
Smart Phone
2. Laptops/Tablets
We literally sleep with our laptops. We work on them, watch movies, store pictures, videos, information, access our mails, and social networking sites. Yes, these things are available on cell phones too, but it's not as comfortable and as convenient as a laptop. The most important point is that we carry our laptops everywhere we go; For presentations in meetings, making projects, burning CD's, watching videos, research, read books, listen to songs, etc. It's portable, light and so convenient. It is something we can't do without.

Best Pick: Apple MacBook Pro 13.3"
3. Music Player
I can't do without my music player. I have a million songs and a hundred video's stored in them. I use it while I am working out in my gym, for my in-house parties, when I go cycling, or walking, or driving. Sometimes I also use it at work, when I am saturated. We all do this, don't we? A music player is a gadget that we can't live without it because it has music in it and music is something that takes you to a different world, relieves stress and gets you moving.

Best Pick: Apple iPod Touch & Apple iPod Nano
Music Player
4. Video Games
PlayStations and Xbox-es are said to be boys-toys but they are women's toys too. Men think that women don't enjoy video games as much as they do, but they are wrong. We women love playing video games and can spend an entire day doing so. These video games are so realistic that they actually take you into one and make it a realistic experience. It makes you compete, kill, fight, yell and moreover, it gets your adrenaline pumping. It is a must have for everyone. Even if you think you don't like playing it, just play a game you can relate to once, and you'll get addicted too.

Best Pick: Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 (slim)
Video Game
5. TV
After owning a laptop, a cell phone, a music player and a video game, a Television still maintains its position on the list of gadgets we can't do without. I am talking about the long, sleek HD televisions. Your TV is that gadget which you'll still prefer to watch a movie with a home theater to get a cinematic effect. Also it is still the first pick for catching up on news, soaps, matches and sitcoms. We may not be watching TV attentively, but even then while you are working on your laptop or eating food we need to have the TV playing.

Best Pick: Sony XBR-HX929
6. Digital Camera
I don't know of anyone who can live without a camera. We travel, we party, we socialize, spend some good moments with our loved ones and capture them forever in the form of photos. Also if you say that you met a superstar say for example Scarlett Johansson, or Leonardo DiCaprio, how are you going to prove it? You will need to take pictures and show the world for them to believe you. Not just that, when you see your baby taking the first step or the look on your girlfriend's face when you proposed to her, are the moments you will never get to witness again, you just have to capture them and keep them for life.

Best Pick: Nikon D7000 and Canon 5D Mark II
Red Compact Digital Camera
7. Wrist Watches
Not just James Bond's watches are gadgets, the watches we use are gadgets too. Watches do so much today besides performing its conventional act. It not only saves from reaching late and being yelled from your boss or your girlfriend but also can tell you the world time, can be used in water, are break-proof, with calculators, LCD screens, diamonds and gold studded, etc. It's not just a gadget but also an accessory which defines you and your status symbol. As your budget increases, your watch will provide you with more facilities. None of us can imagine leaving our houses without our watches; even if you are carrying your cell phone, and laptop.

Best Pick: Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Rolex and Patek Philippe
Wrist Watch
8. Wireless Bluetooth Headset
A wireless Bluetooth is not just an accessory but a must-have gadget. It is a savior when you are driving and your client or your boss or your girlfriend is calling you. It lets you drive and talk both at the same time, comfortably. Because it has a Bluetooth installed in it, you don't even need to use your hands to see who is calling you. The only goof-up would be if you pick up a call from a person you did not want to speak to, without seeing your phone. But it is still a gadget you can't do without.

Best Pick: Sennheiser RS180 and Sony MDR-DS6000
Wireless Bluetooth Headset
9. GPS Navigator
A GPS Navigator is another must have gadget installed in your car. This device will determine your vehicle's current position and location and will also guide you in your way ahead. This gadget was initially used only by the military, aviation and marine technicians. Though, now it is commonly used by many people in their cars. This is great device if you are going on a road trip or an expedition, as you can even carry it individually. It gives you an approximation of the longitude, latitude and altitude. Even if you are lost in an unknown land it will help find shelter and food. It is certainly a gadget one should not opt to live without.

Best Pick: Tom Tom Go 2535 M Live, Pioneer AppRadio SPH-DA01 andGarmin NuLink 1695
GPS Navigator
10. Microwave and Food Processor
A microwave is a kitchen gadget. It is not a device used only by women but instead it is a device more used by the men. It helps you cook, bake, defrost, and heat. We all may compromise on anything but when it comes to food, we all want it to be delicious, fresh and just the way we want it. A microwave bakes you cakes and cookies, cooks food, defrosts the frozen meat and performs many other tasks. There is no way imagining life without it.

I would also like to mention another must have kitchen gadget which is a 'food processor'. This has to be in my top 10 list. It cooks, blends, chops, slices, churns, grinds, and kneads dough too. This gadgets sums up my list of gadgets that we can't live without.

Best Pick: Panasonic NNH765WF and Sharp R-420 LK
Microwave and Food Processor
Other gadgets that are also very important and could be included in the 'top twenty gadgets we can't live without' are, epilators, electric toothbrush, electric shavers, watches, camcorders, Satellite TV Connector, iron, heaters, coffee machine and a music system.

We sure are BFF with the above mentioned gadgets but we must not become impaired without them. There are a lot of psychological disorders associated with technology addiction. Don't let that happen to you. Spend time with nature, friends, family, and all your loved ones. For they are the ones who are going to be actually there for you and not these machines.

Enjoy your Gadgets but don't get addicted!
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