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Top Gadgets That are on Every College Student's Wish List

Top 10 Gadgets for College Students
College spells the start of a new beginning, a new world, full of possibilities, and you better be equipped to step into this world! Find out the top 10 gadgets for college students in this article... and take your wish list to your family!
Techspirited Staff
Gadgets are what make life 'cool'. Gadgets are different from electronic devices in that they need not always be about being 'useful' per se. Sometimes gadgets just make life easy, and make using certain appliances and devices a lot simpler than it would have been without the gadget.When I think about the people who invent these ├╝ber-cool things, I can picture some dude wearing loose beige-colored baggy pants and a cool blue T-shirt with a hooded shirt thrown over it; hair messy like he just got out of bed; sneakers on his feet; Nike sack over his shoulders. And what is in that sack? An assortment of all the gadgets mentioned below, and a lot more I guess! LOL.
Must-have Gadgets for College Students
Surfing the net
A laptop is a must - even if you have a phone with Wi-Fi, a watch that allows you to browse mail or whatever. Gone are the days when students would carry notebooks and stationery to college. It's an e-world; and an e-world begins with computers and laptops.
Portable Hard Drive
External hard drive isolated
Even if you have a laptop, not everything you want or need is going to fit in the limited storage space that a laptop offers. Portable hard drives are what you need in such cases.
Smart Pen
It acts as a recording device, with a built-in microphone and speaker. It can also be connected to a PC via the USB connector. It also has a jack for standard earphones and headphones to be connected to it.
You need a phone, means you need a phone; and that's that. Go get a phone!
College is not and should never be about 'all work and no play'. An iPad will take care of the 'work' as well as the 'play' part for you. You can browse your email, surf the Internet, watch videos, movies.
Portable Audio System
portable audio
A portable audio system lets you hook an iPod to it so that everyone can enjoy your music collection.
An iPod is compact and less cumbersome to carry around, and it leaves your hands free to write, eat, drink, whatever. You cannot hit the track for a nice long morning walk or jog with an iPad in your pocket. And you definitely cannot exercise without music! Your favorite music on the go - that is what an iPod is all about.
What is college life without a few good laughs, a few good friends and a few good memories?
A good collection of pictures can keep you really busy on an unoccupied afternoon, and can give you company in an unknown city.
Xbox 360
A PlayStation is going to make those parties and get-togethers a lot more fun and interesting than they would perhaps be without a PlayStation.
Coffee Maker
coffee machine
A mug of coffee can keep sleep away and let you focus on your studies without you dozing off to glory with your face right across your books!
So that is my list of top 10 gadgets for college students. They are going to make college life really exciting and fun for you. But you might need some big time convincing as far as your progenitor-cum-financiers (read: parents) are concerned... Wish you luck with that!