Cool Gadgets That All Women Would Love to Possess

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Gadgets That Women Love

It is not just the men, women are fond of gadgets too! It might just turn out that your girlfriend knows more about the latest phones in the market and which one to buy. Here, is an account of the gadgets women love.

Gadgets and gizmos are usually associated with men. You would find men’s magazines to be full off advertisements about the latest gadgets, games, and all techy stuff that they can or should buy.


However, in today’s technology-driven world, it wouldn’t be surprising to find out that women like and depend on a number of different kinds of gadgets. Many of them are home-related, while many are beauty-related.



You cannot spot a woman without a cell phone! A phone is an absolute must, even if you are moving from one room to another in your own house. It lets women stay in touch with their gal-pals, and fuels live streaming of gossip!



Rarely you meet a girl who does not like being clicked! Taking pictures does not require an occasion. It does not require a date and time. All women need as a reason to click a picture is – nothing actually!


Even a casual get-together after a long time, a lunch or coffee date with her gal-pals, a stay-over party, is reason enough for the shutter bug to go buzzing!



Women may take a long time to get ready and may fail to keep time with time, yes. But they still love watches. Be it a Rado, a Rolex, Fossil or Swatch, a good watch is a tough one to resist.

Mens and Ladies Wristwatch

Many watch companies have special divisions of feminine watches, that are crafted keeping in mind the choices and tastes of women specifically. This is itself a testimony that women love watches.



Be it a rom-com, a sitcom, or just a daily soap, women simply love watching TV!

Television provides a constant source of entertainment, and keep women updated about latest fashion trends, lifestyles, home improvement techniques, and Hollywood gossip of course! Who can think of living without Vampire Diaries, Desperate Housewives, MTV and VH1?

Laptop / Desktop


This is another one that isn’t so hard to get. Not just women, but everybody needs a laptop or a desktop these days. Apart from its obvious benefits, a laptop also equals Internet, and hence social networking.

The minute words like Facebook and Twitter come into the equation, a laptop becomes a necessity. Social networking requires a computer, and that is reason enough for women to love laptops.

Music Player

Music Player

They say the problem with life is that there is no background music. A music player provides women with just that.

Music can make many of the daily mundane chores like laundry, cleaning, and cooking, a lot more fun. And then sometimes, it’s just fun to play loud music and jump on the bed! Music is a must, whether on the treadmill or in the store. Music gadgets for women include the iPod, iPad, music players, etc.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances Bless the souls of tho

Bless the souls of those who work to constantly make the kitchen such a lovely and easy place to work in!

Things like a food processor, a blender, a toaster, microwave, oven, dish-washer, etc., are simply indispensable. These and similar gadgets are especially loved by working mothers, as it greatly simplifies cooking and allows them to do more in less time.

Hair Related Gadgets


A hair dryer, hair curler, and hair straightener, all top the women’s list of beauty related gadgets they love and cannot, will not or do not want to do without. Hair is a woman’s biggest asset.

Women are very particular about the way they wear their hair. It is pretty evident from the number of hair related beauty products that exist in the market, that a woman will go to any length to make her hair look perfect.



Even a single unwanted hair can be enough to upset a woman. Epilators are a blessing to many women, especially those who love getting a sun tan on the beach. A bikini, or even a Monokini is incomplete without a bikini wax.

So these were a few of the gadgets women can’t do without. A few of these are a necessity, some of them are an indulgence. But most of them are gadgets that women heavily depend upon, and hence, need to have in their homes. Perhaps now you know what to buy your wife / girlfriend for her birthday!

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