Using Free Spyware Removal Programs

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Using Free Spyware Removal Programs

Spyware programs use computer networks to track user activity without user consent. How can spyware be removed? Read on to find out.

Spyware is a computer program that is installed on a computer with the intent to gain information about the computer user. Spyware programs monitor user activity and gather personal information. How does spyware track user behavior?

By installing itself on a computer, it uses a computer network to transmit an identity code to a dedicated computer that is programmed to record user activity. After transmitting user identity code, a spyware program begins to gather user information and monitors the browsing habits and Internet behavior of the user.

Often, spyware programs damage sensitive parts of the operating system and link to its points of execution. Moreover, they can slow down computer performance and speed. Some of them can even lead to a system crash.

Considering the risk associated with spyware, it is extremely important for computer users to use effective protection software, in order to secure themselves from these malicious spies, the spyware programs.

Windows Defender

A software product by Microsoft is used to remove and quarantine spyware in the Windows operating system. It is free, in the sense that it is included in Windows Vista and is available as a freely downloadable program on Windows XP.

It scans the computer and includes some real-time security agents, which monitor the operating system for undesirable changes, if any. It supports a feature whereby computer users can report their queries and complaints to Microsoft. It is cited as one of the best spyware removal programs available today.


Spybot – Search and Destroy is another spyware removal program by Microsoft. It can also remove malware and adware and is compatible with all the releases of Windows after Windows 95. It scans the hard disk and the RAM for spyware and is capable of handling problems related to the Windows Registry and ActiveX objects.

It can efficiently combat Trojans, cookie-trackers, keyloggers, browser or home page hijackers and many other types of malware. Spybot is released as a freeware and is absolutely free for private use.

Some spyware protection software can only detect malicious programs while others are capable of blocking spyware and adware from entering a computer system. Some of these programs have inbuilt capabilities of fighting against browser hijackers.

They generate reports of browser add-ons and pop-ups, thus helping computer users in detecting malevolent programs. Some free spyware removal programs like XP-AntiSpy do not detect or disable spyware. However, they are services running on an operating system that is a concern to computer security.

Out of the numerous free spyware removal programs available today, some are authentic while others are sheer bluffs. Some of the Antispyware software can detect and remove thousands of malicious computer programs and also include support for antivirus software.

Some of them also possess malware and adware protection features. There are many freely downloadable anti-spyware tools available on the Internet. But not all of them cater to user needs, in terms of real-time computer security.

In choosing the best free spyware removal program, it is advisable to opt for programs that are recommended by experts in the field. It is always better to go for spyware programs which are frequently updated to include protection for different types of spyware threats.

We should thank the software developers who design effective spyware removal programs and make them available for free. Decidedly, they are beneficial to the computer society. What do you think?

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