Fax Server Software

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Fax Server Software

Gone are the days when we used conventional fax machines to send fax documents over long distances. Today, fax communication is faster and easier, thanks to eFaxing. What is the role of fax server software in online faxing? Read on to find out.

The software running on a server computer that features support for fax communication over a network, is known as fax server software. It facilitates the exchange of faxes and fax calls across a computer network or over the Internet.

The server computer, as most of us know, is the one that provides services to other computers on the network. It is equipped with fax-capable modems, also known as fax boards, which are attached to telephone lines or T.38. The modern-day fax servers use T.38 or Fax over IP technology, which enables the real-time transmission of fax over IP networks.

The basic function of fax server software is to accept documents from users, convert them into faxes and transmit them. Also, this software can receive fax calls, store documents and transmit them to users. Some of the fax server software available today, help in the management of the entire life cycle of paper and electronic documents. Some of them even support document imaging, data collection, and other processes related to faxing.

Fax servers allow an easy integration with diverse computer applications. Some of them make use of private address books or Microsoft Outlook to support addressing features. Owing to their multi-document capabilities, they can facilitate the transfer of multiple documents in a single fax. Also, they can transfer a large volume of documents at a time.

Email to Fax: The email to fax software is advantageous over traditional faxing, in several ways. In comparison to traditional faxing technology, it is far better in terms of performance and economy. It is cited as one of the best options for individual as well as business use. Email to fax services are affordable, as they allow the users to save on paper, ink as well as on maintenance costs of fax machines. Email to fax software can run on Windows as well as Linux-based platforms. Moreover, email to fax services are easy to use. You do not require bulky machines and long cables. All you need is an Internet-enabled computer.

Email to Fax services allow you to send and receive faxes over the Internet, wherein faxes are delivered to your email accounts as PDF files. They also allow you to integrate your email services with fax communication. They often use the sender’s computer to scan images and documents to be sent as faxes over the Internet. Some of these software are also capable of forwarding incoming faxes as also filtering junk.

Fax to Email: Fax to email services are beneficial in many ways. They relieve their users from the trouble of not being able to receive faxes on account of being away or because of running out of paper. Moreover, there are no chances of one’s faxes being read by unauthorized users. Also, fax to email service users can receive their faxes even while they are away from the fax machine. In fact, physical location of the users is unimportant as faxes are delivered to their email accounts.

Fax to email services transform your email account into a fax machine. These services enable you to send and receive faxes through your email accounts. Generally, a fax document is converted into a .PDF or a .tiff file before it is sent over the web, as an email attachment. Most of the fax to email services assign you a fax number, which can be used by those sending you faxes. Your fax to email service provider converts the fax documents you receive, to PDF files, which are delivered to your email account. Some of them also allow the simultaneous delivery of faxes to multiple email accounts.

Internet faxing has revolutionized the field of fax communication. Its ability to bring about paperless communication and its support for email integration make it cost-effective and easy to use. Have you switched to eFaxing? If not, it’s high time you do!

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