What are Cyber Pets?

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What are Cyber Pets?

Would you like to adopt a cyber tiger? Or would you rather prefer a real kitten? The choice is yours. But, it would be interesting to know about cyber pets. Keep reading.

“How I wish, I could get home a cute puppy! But mom does not allow. A few days ago, I came to know that I could own a virtual pet. I am excited about the whole idea. But I don’t know how it’s going to feel. Will its eyes have the look of a real pup? Will it wag its tail like a real doggie would? May be yes; may be no…” – a page from the diary of Rosa, a 12-year old

With life getting faster and the world becoming smaller, we have neither the space nor the time to ‘live life’ in the real sense of the term. The changing tastes and trends have brought us to a point where we are more attracted to ‘lifeless’ things than the ‘lively’ ones. We long for love but do not have the time for it. Take the example of pets. We know for sure that their unconditional love is incomparable; but not all of us can give them their share of love and care. Many of those who are unable to own real pets, have compromised on virtual ones. Yes, many have started adopting cyber pets as an alternative to having a real one.

Cyber pets are electronic animals that do everything that a real animal does, but in the virtual world. Cyber pet technology enables Internet users to tame digital animals as pets. Although they behave like real pets, they are entirely artificial. They are programmed to look and behave like real animals. They can be downloaded from the Internet or adopted through virtual pet adoption services.

Advances in software technology have led to the development of different types of animated cyber pets. Software are used to create attractive-looking 2 or 3-dimensional animals. Animation software can be used to add interactivity to them, making these pets appear very close to real!

Cyber pets from online resources are configured to run on special types of hardware. Pet adoption websites allow you to own a pet animal of your choice and keep it living for any amount of time. Many of these websites require you to register with them for the duration for which you wish to let the pet ‘live’. Once the cyber pet is yours, you are allowed to take care of it. You can feed it, bathe it, take it for a walk, groom it, and play with it.

Social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook have features for pet adoption. In order to give you a personalized experience, many of the virtual pet download sites and services allow you to choose the color, gender, and breed of your pet and also give it a name. Some websites also allow you to create your own pets, buy homes for them, and play with them. Cyber pets range from cats and dogs right up to elephants and pandas. Many websites also allow you to participate in forums related to online pet adoption and care. They also allow you to participate in auctions for adopting new pets.

Cyber pets from online resources are configured to respond to touch or call. In many cases, you can even train them and see them grow up. This sounds unbelievable, but it is true. For the real feel of owning a virtual pet, you must sign up to one of the cyber pet adoption sites or services and become a proud owner of your favorite pet! But one thing’s for sure; however cute and interactive they appear; cyber pets cannot replace real ones.

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