Best Fax to Email Services Review

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Best Fax to Email Services Review

Fax to email services help you to manage your fax documents and send/receive faxes online effectively. Read ahead to know more…

Sending faxes for a dollar per page can burn a big hole in your pocket. More so, if you’re into some business that requires you to frequently exchange documents. Integration of fax to email service has made it possible to send your fax documents by clubbing it in your email account. Yes, Internet faxing is the buzzword today. Here we will have a look at some of the most popular fax to email services. While these plans are paid, there are also several free services, whose benefits you can avail.

Review of Best Fax to Email Services

With technology becoming more convenient, the competition among several service providers of business communication has increased to a large extent. There are several service providers whose programs and plans you must review, before opting for any one particular service provider.

Many people wonder are there free fax to email services? The answer to this question is that the term free is applicable only when you’re allowed to register on the website. You are not allowed to use services completely for free, only the registration is free. Nonetheless, there are several websites that charge nominal fees for providing efax services.

Nextiva Review

This service provider saves significant amount of your budget by cutting costs on ink, paper, line rental and other equipment that you might require with traditional fax machines. With online fax services, Nextiva offers convenient ways to send fax documents.

  • It offers affordable fax services at just USD 6.95.
  • 30 days free trial helps you to check the ‘fax to email’ software thoroughly. If satisfied by its performance, you can renew subscription.
  • If your business is concentrated in one area, you can give your partners and associates a toll free number to send you faxes. You’ll be saving their money and they won’t hesitate to send you faxes due to cost concerns. You’re charged nominal money for this process, at a local rate.
  • A conventional fax document is converted into electric file and transferred digitally to the respective email address. It integrates fax and emailing system, making things simple. Use this service and you will exactly know the perfect way to send a fax from computer.
  • Use MS word and PowerPoint features to directly send your document as “fax”, just like print or save options.
  • Use Nextiva Online Portal, open an account and manage your fax messages and send them to appropriate destinations in a more faster and organized manner.
  • The total number of incoming and outgoing faxes is 500.

RingCentral Review

Features of RingCentral fax to email service, one of the popular Internet fax services are as follows:

  • Known for providing most effective customer services online through various FAQs, information manuals, training guides and online searchable databases.
  • It offers the plans at USD 7.99 per month. You’re allowed to send 300 faxes from this amount. For sending more fax pages, you need to pay additional cost based on per page charge.
  • 300 outgoing and 300 incoming faxes are allowed, in total.
  • It offers several features like digital telephone, faxing and voicemail services.
  • It has got one of the best Internet security systems.
  • With its unique desktop manager tool, you can integrate your email account (for example, outlook), with this feature.
  • It gives you a facility to store faxes online for free for a period of 30 days. This saves you from taking printouts or saving messages on your hard drive every time you log in to the website.

eFax Review

This fax to email service provider has several benefits, that are as follows:

  • It has a good reputation for effective and secured online sending of faxes.
  • Allows 180 faxed pages (130 incoming and 30 outgoing) at a price of USD 16.95 per month. For you cross the set limit, you need to pay extra charge.
  • 30 days free trial is available.
  • It has several plans that let you choose from a variety of file formats to send you documents. Slide shows in PowerPoint, images (PDF, Corel, etc.), standard text documents (word, CSV) etc. all can be sent via eFax services. It has to be understood that efax is an online technology that has made sending of conventional faxes faster and easier.
  • It has ‘livechat’ features in its customer care support system to help you deal with problems if any.
  • Either download the eFax software on your desktop, and integrate it with email services or directly go to the official website of the firm and use its services.

Besides these programs, there are various other free email to fax services for you. All you have to do is register on their website. Using these services can help you to manage costs effectively. 

If you’re in a large business, it can prove all the more beneficial to you as it is very economical. All you need to have is a PC, an Internet access and a valid email account to send your faxes. Ensure that you take full advantage of these services especially those who’re into running big businesses. You can start by using the free trials, but always prefer the paid ones, as they are more secure and reliable.

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