Attractive WinterBoard Themes for the iPad That’ll Leave You Awed

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WinterBoard Themes for iPad

If you are on a lookout for WinterBoard themes for your iPad, you have landed in the right place. As we proceed with this write-up, we will tell you which are the best themes for your Apple tablet, and how you can install them.

Back in 2010, the question on everybody’s mind was – when will iPad jailbreak become a reality? Come 2012, everyone is desperately trying to figure out which are the best themes for the iPad; this time around though, it’s the second generation Apple iPad (the iPad 2) in question.

While Apple Inc. has taken giant strides in the world of technology to come with the thinner, lighter and faster iPad, small developers have succeeded in keeping up the pace with the tech giant. The wide range of iPad apps and themes available on Cydia, highlights this fact very well. With the launch of Cydia Theme Center, the dedicated theme store from Cydia, the task of customizing the iPad has become a whole lot easy.

Cydia WinterBoard for iPad

Initially, there was some skepticism about the compatibility of Cydia apps with the iPad. Several apps were not working properly on it for quite some time after it was jailbroken; mainly because of its large screen size. One such app was the WinterBoard – which facilitated customization of Apple iPhone and iPod touch by adding themes, wallpapers, background and sounds to them. The fact that WinterBoard was not compatible to Apple iPad turned out to be a major turn off for Cydia fans who were looking forward to use this replacement software on their device. Eventually however, the developers were successful in tweaking this app, and making it available for all the Cydia users.

Best WinterBoard Themes for iPad

The entire process of downloading the WinterBoard setup, and installing it on the iPad is similar to that of Apple iPhone or iPod touch. Similarly, you need to download themes from the Cydia Theme Center on to your device, and use the WinterBoard app to activate them. Though the list of Cydia themes for the iPad is not as lengthy as the list for the iPhone, that doesn’t lessen the credibility of the existing themes. (While many people would love to see some of the best iPhone themes on their iPad, they will have to wait for the developers to tweak these themes to make them iPad compatible.) Given below is a list of the best Cydia themes for Apple iPad which will make the task of choosing relatively easier for you.

No. WinterBoard Themes
1. iQuad For iPad
Author: VincenzoBB
Available at: ModMyi
2. Bookshelf For iPad
Author: falcon212
Available at: ZodTTD & MacCiti
3. 1nfect3d iPad
Available at: ZodTTD & MacCiti
4. iPad Metal [RED]
Author: itzthestoff
Available at: ModMyi
5. Kryptonite iPad
Author: flybritn
Available at: ModMyi
6. Glasklart HD*
Author: Max Rudberg
Available at: ModMyi
7. AfterMathHaz3 HD For iPad
Author: iHaz3 & iBitGirl
Available at: ZodTTD & MacCiti
8. blAze Red iPad
Author: flybritn/iBnyaffa
Available at: ModMyi
9. Skyblue iPad HD
Author: jasonsiphone
Available at: ModMyi
10. HoneyPad Pro For iPad
Author: falcon212
Available at: ZodTTD & MacCiti

*Not compatible to iPad 2

While these themes for Apple iPad will help customize its appearance, the number of apps that this replacement software has to offer help in adding to its efficiency. These include some of the best Cydia iPad apps like the Applinks, Infiniboard, Afc2add and Wiki2touch. With several developers trying their best to come up with new iPad compatible top Cydia themes, it wouldn’t be surprising to see some brand new themes for this Apple gadget some time in near future.

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