Educational Wii Games

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Educational Wii Games

Why does education have to be synonymous with big fat books and classroom doors? Educational wii games bust this notion with their eye catchy graphics and excellent use of educational strategies.

Lessons within the confines of a classroom, assignments that are handed out as punishments and conformity to school hours suck the fun out of education. It is at this juncture, going to school gets boring and your child looks out for reasons to bunk school. Amidst all this pandemonium of throwing tantrums, academics take a backseat, causing your child to lag behind his peers. Thankfully, education is no longer uni-dimensional and the perils of formal training can be avoided. With educational wii games, you wouldn’t want to put a deadline to your child’s play time. These games have been developed by adopting various educational strategies, which help in better assimilation of difficult concepts. Well done graphics get your child’s attention, engage him in interesting questions and with small interventions and challenges they help him learn a subject in a completely new way.

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree

This is a sequel to Big Brain Academy, which introduces the player to new and more challenging puzzles with refined graphics. The game has a single and a multi player mode. The latter mode, makes this game interesting as children can compete with friends for better scores. The game works on a simple instructional design theory of identify, memorize, analyze, compute, and apply. Big Brain Academy allows team games as well.

My Word Coach

This game is meant for 5 year olds and above. Such games indirectly help children to better their skills in academics. If you thought reading and elocution competitions were the only means to improve your child’s speech, then you are certainly wrong. My Word Coach is a game that helps your child improve his vocabulary, spelling, reading habits, and this eventually develops confidence within your child. Once again, this game has a single player option and a multi player option.

Smarty Pants

The inquisitiveness of a child is his biggest asset. Match up to his curiosity, by gifting him Smarty Pants Wii game on his birthday. This quiz game has questions ranging from arts to sports. It also covers topics such as entertainment, fashion, places, science, people, and sports. It adopts a typical format of a quiz show, where in the players have to hit the buzz button at the earliest with the right answer to score points. Play alongside your child to imbibe the basics of healthy competition with the multiplayer mode.


Expression is an important part of education. Unless your child expresses his comprehension, you will never know what has been taught and what has been learned. uDraw Studio provides your child with a virtual canvas to experiment with latent artistic skills. This is a creative outlet for children to learn things that are usually ignored in rudimentary school curriculum. The best part of this game is that the design can be erased to make a new one.

Endless Ocean

This game has been designed keeping in mind the interest levels of children and adults. With a Wii Remote, the players enter an island known as Manoa Lai to dive in the endless ocean and discover the flora and fauna. The game gives you information about animals you encounter all through your exploration.

Educational Games for Kids on Wii
Cranium Kabooki
Wild Earth: African Safari
World of Zoo
Science Papa
Cosmic Family
Sesame Street
Active Life Outdoor Challenge
Wii Party
Kirby’s Epic Yarn
Guilty Party
NHL Slapshot
The Next Chapter Screenshot
A Boy and His Blob
Puzzler Collection
Geometry War: Galaxies
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of The Warlords
Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader: Make your Grade
Rubik’s World
WordJong Party

These educational games guarantee zero boredom and hours of unlimited fun. The novelty they bring, makes the process of learning absolutely fun!

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