Ways to Download DS Games

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Ways to Download DS Games

Want to download DS games but do not know how to do that? Well, don’t worry, read on and you would not have to miss out on all the gaming fun!

It is the age of Xbox, Wii, and of course, the biggie, PlayStation. With these amazing gaming consoles giving almost a life-like experience, those who are hooked on these games are spoiled for choice. There is a whole gamut of games available in these consoles. The text below will explain how you can download games compatible with DS.

Downloading DS Games

The most common way to get DS games is to download DS games to SD card. Here is how.

Step 1

Do you have a DS flash cart? If not, you may need that. They hold a microSD chip. This chip is instrumental in running hundreds (to say the least) of downloaded DS games from the Internet.

Step 2

Once you get hold of the flash cart and the microSD chip, plug in the memory card into the console via a card reader or a USB port. You are most likely to receive that along with your flash cart.

Step 3

Now you have to search for the games. Check out which one you want, and download it! You would have a ‘download’ option on the website where the games are available.

Step 4

The download will take some time. After it is done and ready, store it on your microSD chip. Then put it in your DS flash cart. Then plug that into your DS console, and that’s it!

Pointers to Downloading DS Games

To begin with, here is something about flash carts. Some of the geeks in this field and those who have used these gaming consoles are of the opinion that R4, M3, or Edge flash carts are better as compared to others. But having said that, it is still important to research enough about a DS flash cart. There is a chance that some DS games might not be compatible with some flash carts. Before you download make sure that the website is free of malware and viruses.

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