PS3 Games for Girls

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PS3 Games for Girls

There are quite a few interesting PS3 games that girls can enjoy too. To get to know more about the best games for girls, read the following article.

Seventh generation game consoles are a real treat for computer game addicts. Sony’s PlayStation 3 is one of the most popular gaming consoles amongst them. Excellent picture quality and interesting animation of the games are the main reasons for it to be one of the best gaming consoles for game aficionados of all age. But it sometimes gets confusing when you have to choose the best games for girls. Especially for girls who are not much into wars, creatures, guns, and fighting.

Best PS3 Games for Girls

Here are the reviews of some of the most popular games that girls would love to play. Considering the difference in choice and selection criteria, the games that are mentioned below may not be the top choices for all girls, yet they can be considered as some of the best games to buy for them.


Launched in the year 2007, this game was well received by game critics across the globe. The reasons clearly include game presentation, sounds, graphics, game strategy, and a large selection of customizable online features. The LittleBigPlanet game revolves around a small character, known as a Sackgirl or Sackboy. There are a few pre-built levels in the game, but the customizable levels are the biggest positive of this game. It is the reason why this game is widely popular amongst both girls and boys.

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is an exclusive PlayStation 3 game, and it is a dramatic thriller that features four protagonists that are involved in the history of a serial killer. This serial killer uses heavy rainfall to drawn his victims, and you (the player) are the one who control all the actions and interactions of this game. This is an action-packed interactive fiction game that works as you move or command. In fact, the narration, game plot, and the characters can also be changed at your will. All these features are supported with great sound quality, advanced graphics, and great narration that completely involves you in it. Even though this is an action game, this is one of the popular PS3 games amongst girls.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

This game is the sequel to Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Even though it is an action adventure third person game, it is rated as one of the best games for girls. The central character of this game is controlled by the player and it is able to run, jump, scale, and climb. It is equipped with two firearms and a limited supply of grenades. There are special treasures that may be hidden in hard-to-reach areas that you need to collect to complete certain feats of the game. You are awarded with game money, and medals that can be used to unlock advanced features of the game, like game cheats, game movies, and concept art.

Soulcalibur IV

This is yet another fighting game, but quite popular among girls due to its unique and interesting characters, attractive game plot, unique style, and graphics. The game includes five modes, namely, Story, Arcade, Training, Museum, and Tower of Lost Souls. To play the last mode, the player is required to win major battles. Its character creation mode also includes a large range of character voices, general physique, and muscularity. You can also change aspects of your character, like weapons, armor, and other things that may enhance the health, defense, and attack of your character.

Heavenly Sword

The biggest reason for this game to gain popularity is its lead character, which is a female―Nariko. She uses a weapon known as ‘Heavenly Sword’, that changes its appearance and functions according to your (the player’s) attack stances, namely the range stance, power stance, and speed stance. As the name suggests, the power stance is the most powerful one (with less speed though). The game resembles the melee combat form of martial arts and it also has quicktime events. Along with the lead character, there is also a secondary character named Kai, who can be controlled during some stages of the game.

A few other games that you can bring home include: God of War 3, Devil May Cry, Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, BioShock, Tomb Raider, Hyper Violence, etc. As I said earlier, a person’s taste and selection criteria of the game can be totally different. Some girls may like games that don’t involve action while some may prefer a lot of it.

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