Dish TV Vs. DirecTV: The Differences You Didn’t Know

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Dish TV Vs. DirecTV

If you are having a tough time trying to choose between Dish TV and DirecTV, here’s a comparison of these two, which will help you make up your mind.

When it comes to the realms of home entertainment in the United States, Dish TV and DirecTV are the two names to look out for. Both boast of excellent service, thus leaving the consumer in a never-ending dilemma of choosing between them. So how exactly do you determine which service is ideal for you? Just make a list of all the features you seek and compare the two.

Dish TV

Dish TV, more often referred to as Dish Network satellite TV, is one of the largest pay-TV provider in the United States, with an estimated subscriber base of 14.3 million. The three services on offer for the American households and commercial establishments include the satellite television, audio programming, and interactive television services. Founded in March 1996, the Dish Network has been in the picture for more than a decade now. The company capitalizes on this very fact when it comes to advertisements of the various products that it has to offer.


DirecTV, more often referred to as Direct TV, is a satellite TV service provider which boasts of a customer base of 18 million in the United States alone. It provides digital satellite television, audio services, and DirecTV Internet services to the American households. DirecTV, which has been in picture since June 1994, has undergone vast change over the period―something which has made it only better. Today, it boasts of its own network in the form of The 101 Network and several exclusive sports packages, including the NFL Sunday Ticket and NASCAR Hot Pass.

Dish TV Vs. DirecTV

As both are satellite televisions, both are likely to be similar when it comes to pros and cons. In terms of Digital Video Recorder (DVR) service, Dish Network has a slight edge with 350 hours of recording capacity as compared to DirecTV’s 100 hours. While DirecTV was the one to introduce High-Definition TV (HDTV) channels, Dish TV has followed the suit, so there is not much of difference between the two in this context. Dish Network also has an edge in terms of international programming, with more region-specific channels as compared to DirecTV.

One of the major point in the comparison between the two is the price factor, in which the Dish Network has a slight advantage. While DirecTV packages start at USD 29.99, Dish TV packages start at USD 24.99. Though it’s a bit costly, DirecTV has more HDTV channels and sports packages to its credit. This gives it a definite advantage over Dish TV. If you feel you don’t need HD and sports channels, then Dish is your best bet, as you will get all the basic channels at relatively less price.

While these two service providers are the stalwarts of the field, they do face a tough competition from Cable TV. Therefore, you should compare these service providers with Cable TV service provider before you make the final call.

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