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Direct TV Internet Prices

Prices Offered By DirecTV for the Best Internet Experience

The prices for Direct TV Internet today are reasonably low, leaving aside the installation charges that is, and the benefits that this service brings you, is completely worth that investment. And therefore, we highly recommend that you opt for this service at the earliest.
Rahul Thadani
USD 48.5 billion
That's the amount telecommunications giant, AT&T paid to buy Direct TV earlier this year.

Once you learn all that you can about the specifications and prices for Direct TV Internet, also known as DirecTV, you can make a conscious decision about whether it's an ideal choice for you or not. Internet penetration in the United States is by far the best in the world, but service providers are constantly looking for new ways to increase their subscriber base and outclass their competitors. It's precisely for this reason that the Direct TV has started its Internet service, which―if the company is to be believed―is faster than the existing broadband Internet connection that we use.
Direct TV Internet is a revolutionary new service that can be availed as a part of the Direct TV Bundle. So now you get to avail the features of television service, telephone, and the Internet connection together. At present, Direct TV has over 20 million subscribers in the country―a number that is expected to rise over the course of time. The high-speed Internet service that the company has to offer is said to be 30 times faster than the regular broadband connection. With claims like this, the rate at which the number of Direct TV subscribers is rising shouldn't really come as a surprise.
About Direct TV Services
The broadcaster for this service is based in El Segundo, California, and has been around since June 1994. The service primarily started off with satellite television deals and audio stations, but today they also provide Internet access to people from various parts of the United States. They go to great lengths to bring subscription television services, broadcast television networks, video services, satellite radio services, and local television stations to the customer's doorstep. The equipment that is utilized includes a satellite dish, Direct TV access card, and an integrated decoder/receiver.
Direct TV Internet
As far as the Internet services are concerned, DirecTV offers download speeds of around 1 Mbps which is quite reasonable. Even more so when you consider that in some areas you have regular dial-up Internet, with its excruciatingly slow speeds, as the only other option. Additionally, the advantage of having the bill bundled together for the Internet and TV deals, is that you end up paying much less than what you would pay for these services individually.
Prices of Direct TV Internet
You can either opt for Direct TV Double Play, wherein Direct TV satellite TV and satellite Internet connection are bundled together, or Direct TV Triple Play, which includes satellite TV and satellite Internet as well as home phone. The bills that you pay for these services will be integrated into one for all the three features of the bundle, as a result of which you will be able to save around USD 120 per month.
For this, Direct TV has got into collaborations and partnerships with quality Internet service providers (ISPs). These include HughesNet, AT&T, Verizon, CenturtyLink, Exede, Cincinati Bell, Mediacom, and Windstream. Satellite Internet connection is ideal for people living in areas where the DSL and broadband connection networks have zero penetration. More importantly, you get to save an extra USD 10/month on your bill for a year.
Here are the TV-Internet-phone package choices that you can opt for. You will need to call up a toll free number and discuss the details with the executive first.
  • PREMIER Package - USD 87.99 per month
  • ULTIMATE Package - USD 39.99 per month
  • XTRA Package - USD 34.99 per month
  • CHOICE Package - USD 29.99 per month
  • ENTERTAINMENT Package - USD 24.99 per month
  • SELECT Package - USD 19.99 per month
If you are a new subscriber, the price will be on the higher end because it will involve the setting up and installation of a satellite dish along with other technical aspects. The cost of installation is said to run pretty high, but that will depend on the area in which you reside. However, you won't have to pay a lot if you are an existing Direct TV subscriber and merely wish to add the Internet service to your existing plan.
Additionally, the company also provides its users with various offers and rebates, which brings down the overall price by a significant extent. That, again, will depend of where you happen to reside. Remember that Direct TV subscription plans differ from one state to another. With AT&T buying Direct TV, experts are hopeful that a stand-alone Internet deal will also be offered for those who don't want satellite television or phone services.
You must inquire about the exact cost of the packages that are available in your area first, and then you can pick one that suits your needs. The installation investment may seem a bit high, but there is a reason why there are so many subscribers to this service today. The prices are quite attractive for the services that you are getting, so you must definitely consider this as an option for your household.