Broadband Bewilderment: Dish Network Satellite Internet Review

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Dish Network Satellite Internet Review

If you are contemplating the idea of subscribing to Dish Network’s high-speed satellite Internet, here’s a review that will help you make up your mind.

In October 2012, Dish Network started a satellite broadband service called DishNET, which was aimed at what the company liked to call ‘under-served locations’. One of the largest pay-TV providers in the United States over the last decade or so, Dish Network has approximately 12.5 million active customers to its credit. With a subscriber base like that, it is no surprise that the company has ventured into high-speed satellite Internet business, and is willing to slash the subscription fee and installation charges―conditions applied―for its existing customers.

With an overall subscriber base of around 12.5 million, you can’t really doubt the credentials of Dish Network. But does it live up to its expectations when it comes to high-speed Internet? Now, that’s one question that needs to be given a serious thought.

Dish Network Satellite Internet
When Dish Network launched the dishNET Satellite Internet, they made it clear that it was aimed for ‘under-served locations’, i.e., regions where the Internet penetration was either absent or bare minimum due to the lack of infrastructure. There is no questioning the fact that broadband Internet is fast, but it has a limited scope in terms of reach. Thus, satellite Internet.

As of now, Dish Network has three Internet packages to offer.

5 GB Internet – USD 49.99
10 GB Internet – USD 59.99
15 GB Internet – USD 79.99

One needs to note that these prices are applicable if you want to avail Internet as a standalone option. If you willing to sign a two-year contract and bundle the Internet service with qualifying Dish TV packages, then you can avail a discount of USD 10 on it. So you will end up paying USD 39.99 for 5 GB package, USD 49.99 for 10 GB package, and USD 69.99 for 15 GB package. In essence, you can save up to USD 120 every year. Also, if you bundle the service, you will save USD 99, which you will otherwise have to pay as an installation fee.

DishNET Review
So there are some good things about Dish Network Internet and there are some bad things. Most of these revolve around the fact that it’s a satellite-based service.

The ‘Good’ Things
The biggest advantage with this service is its nationwide reach. Regardless of whether you live in the city or a rural area, Dish Network has it covered for you. If lack of infrastructure is what left you without the Internet all these years, then DishNET is a blessing in disguise for you. Other pros of Dish Network’s satellite Internet include its compatibility to both, Windows and Mac operating systems, and the fact that it won’t keep your telephone line busy like DSL Internet would.

The most tempting thing about Dish satellite Internet will be the annual discount of USD 120 that you can avail if you bundle the services. Also tempting is the fact that you will get a single monthly bill, which will make things way more convenient. At 10 Mbps, the upload rate this service boasts of, is far from what can be considered average. You will be able to browse web, upload pictures, and even stream videos without any glitch.

Lastly, Dish Network has had a decent record in the context of customer service over the last couple of years; courtesy, it’s efficient live chat and phone support.

The ‘Bad’ Things
One of the major problems with the satellite Internet on offer by the Dish Network, or most satellite Internet service providers for that matter, will be the monthly Data Allowance limit. Once you cross the stipulated limit, the difference in your download speed becomes pretty obvious.

It’s a satellite-based service, so you might also experience occasional connection outage during rough weather, and that can be frustrating at times.

If you have finally decided that you will go for DishNET, we will advise you to keep an eye for promotional discounts they float once in a while. These offers change from time to time, but if you are alert, you might be lucky enough to get the best deal.

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