Dish Vs. Comcast

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Dish Vs. Comcast

If you are not able to figure out whether you should opt for Dish Network or Comcast XFINITY, the following comparison will be of some help for you.

If you are a citizen of the United States, you don’t need an introduction to names like the Dish Network, Comcast or DirecTV. The three stalwarts of the industry have been battling it out for over a decade now, with no clear-cut winner in sight. In this write-up, we will stress on Dish TV-Comcast XFINITY comparison to find out which of the two service providers have an edge over the other.

Dish TV Vs. Comcast XFINITY

One of the basic differences between these two service providers is the method by which they provide their services. While Dish Network subscribers need a satellite dish to access the services, Comcast subscribers access the services through cable. As in case of other satellite services, even the Dish Network is vulnerable to bad weather. If you reside in a region wherein thunderstorms are frequent, you are bound to experience signal loss now and then. Comcast doesn’t face such bad weather related problems like the Dish Network.

Bundles: Both Comcast and Dish offer television, Internet and phone services in form of ‘bundle’. Comcast allows its subscribers to access all the three services XFINITY TV, XFINITY Internet and XFINITY Voice together as a part of its XFINITY Triple Play bundle. Dish Network, on the other hand, has got into a tie-up with some of the leading Internet service providers, such as Exede, for Dish Network Internet service and VoIP service. The competition is nearly even in this case, though you might experience the difference in quality of service depending on – once again – where you reside.

Packages on Offer: One of the biggest advantage of subscribing to Dish Network is the fact that its packages are customized to suit different audiences. With as many as six packages with a price tag below $40, there is no questioning the flexibility that Dish Network has to offer. While the $19.99 Smart Pack offers 50+ channels, the Welcome Pack ($14.99) and the America’s Everything Pack ($74.99) have 40+ and 320+ channels to offer respectively. Simply put, you have got a lot to choose from, but before you conclude that the Dish Network is a better option, you need to take a look at the discounts on Comcast XFINITY which are tempting enough to make you change your mind – at times.

HD Channels: Dish Network satellite TV has 85 HD channels, i.e. 25 more than Comcast XFINITY (60 HD channels), and that is something which you will have to take into consideration. Along with HD, both service providers support 3D services (In case of Dish, ViP 722k, ViP 722, ViP 922 and the Hopper are 3D compatible DVRs) but you will require 3D equipment for the same. If you are a XFINITY digital TV customer with HD, you get 3D content without paying extra.

On Demand/Recording: While both networks offer On Demand services and the facility to record your favorite programs, in case of Dish TV the On Demand service is restricted to certain receiver models. With their respective mobile apps, it is even possible to control these services while on the move.

Pricing: In terms of pricing, it’s a bit difficult to compare between the two as Comcast subscription fees tend to differ from one region to another. In case of Dish Network, their packages start from as low as $14.99 – the welcome pack with 40 TV channels to offer.

Technical Support: As with any other Cable TV service provider, Comcast fails miserably when it comes to technical support. The Dish Network, on the other hand, banks on its 24×7 technical support to gain definite advantage over Comcast.

Both have its own advantages and disadvantages, and everything comes down to your preferences in the end. You need to take into consideration all the points of distinction when choosing between the two. Lastly, you also need to take into consideration the new features that are being introduced by these service providers every once in a while. For instance, the newly introduced Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR, which allows you skip commercials in prime time TV, undoubtedly comes as a big advantage for Dish TV subscribers.

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