Uber-cool Screen Names That are Sure to Catch Everyone’s Interest

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Cool Screen Names

The screen names or usernames give Internet users an identity for using the services of the World Wide Web. A screen name that you choose for your email account, chat applications or other web services should be catchy and unique.

A screen name is any name chosen by a person at a time when he/she is using a computer network or the Internet. A screen name can also be referred to as ‘username’. This name serves the purpose of authenticating a person’s identity while logging into an email account, instant messenger, chat room, or other such web service.

It is seen that almost all Internet users avail the aforementioned services. Most users don’t give much thought to the activity of choosing a smart or catchy screen name. However, you need to understand that your screen name is your identity while you are using a web service. Therefore, it demands at least some thought and time for deciding on a cool username.

How to Create Cool Names?

There are lots of screen name ideas which you can use while creating screen names. Interesting names can be created with the help of ASCII codes. ASCII characters are used to generate names with specific symbols. One can experiment a lot while creating cool screen names. The technique of using the ‘ALT’ key in combination with number keys yields different characters and symbols. Here are few examples that explain how to use the ‘ALT’ key with number keys to generate special symbols.

ALT+0169 results into ‘©’.
ALT+0153 generates the symbol ‘™’.
ALT+0166 creates the symbol ‘¦’.
ALT+0164 generates the symbol ‘¤’.

Funny Screen Names

Yoga, Amphibian, Animal, Animals In The Wild, Bullfrog, Cartoon, Characters, Cheerful, Comfortable,

— Fruit Loops
— Buckshot
— LoonyBin
— Barf Bag
— Fizzle
— Fatso
— Tuna Fish
— Spooky Tooth
— Jaw Breaker
— Dumpy
— Pokey

— Knucklehead
— Chatter Box
— Dr. Quack
— Coconut Patty
— Daffy
— Phoney Baloney
— Applejacks
— Jitters
— Cornball
— Squiggle
— Mr. Puniverse

–Carrot Top
— Catfish
— Jammer
— Good Golly
— Bookworm
— Brown Noser
— Dinky
— Thimble
— Gumbo
— Wishbone
— Fiddlesticks

Grandmother, Car, Activity, Adult, Balance, Cartoon, Caucasian Ethnicity, Cheerful, Cut Out, Cute, D

— Oink
— Bogus
— Old Timer
— Jiffy
— Porky
— Puggly
— Whopper
— Squirrel Nuts
— Shrinky Dink
— Bozo
— Boomerang

Anatomy, Healthcare And Medicine, Horizontal, Human Brain, Human Internal Organ, Human Nervous Syste

Cute Screen Names

Adult, Backgrounds, Casual Clothing, Checked Pattern, Child, Clip Art, Computer Graphic, Daughter, E

— Fuzzy
— Munchkin
— Lollipop
— Ponytail
— Sunshine
— Dimples
— SweetyPie
— Poppy
— Cupcake
— Cookie

Women, Adult, Adults Only, Clothing, Color Image, Customer, Drawing - Art Product, Females, Front Vi

— Tweety
— Buttercup
— Smiley
— Bluebell
— Babygirl
— Sparkle
— Dazzle
— Snickers
— Dizzy

— CandyApple
— Muffin
— Bunnytale
— Poodle Puff
— Babycakes
— CottonCandy
— Butterfly
— SweetPea
— Sugar
— Pumpkin
— Cutie Pie
— PowderPuff
— Pebbles
— Angelface

— PattyCake
— Giggles
— Song Bird
— Babyface
— Curlylocks
— Hummingbird
— Tabby
— Dixie
— Pippy
— Flutter
— Punky
— Zany
— Skiddles
— Cuddly-n-Sweet
— Dumpling
— Candy Cane

Cool Names for Internet Users

Ancient, Blade, Coat Of Arms, Color Image, Communication, Computer Icon, Computer Network, Conflict,

— Messiah
— Magnum
— Oblivion
— The King
— Simba
— Aristocat

Lightning, Bolt, Computer Icon, Electricity, Thunderstorm, Igniting, Lighting Equipment, Three Dimen

— Uncle Sam
— Comet
— Godfather
— Mighty Sun
— Cybertron

— Majestic
— Frenzy
— Exotica
— Hangman
— The Prophet

Aggression, Analyzing, Byte, Cartoon, Coding, Comic Book, Computer, Computer Bug, Computer Crime, Co

— Majestic
— Frenzy
— Exotica
— Hangman
— The Prophet

Abstract, Backgrounds, Burglar, Celebration, Color Image, Courage, Creativity, Day, Design, Emotion,

— Celeste
— CyberGypsy
— Binary
— FireFly
— Equinox

Tips to Choose a Screen Name

~ The screen name that you choose should not be too explicit. It is important that you choose the screen name sensibly.

~ There are few websites which arrange screen names in an alphabetical order. Therefore, you should consider adding the letter ‘A’ in the beginning to make your screen name easily visible to other users.

~ Few websites place restrictions on the maximum number of characters that can be used for a screen name. Therefore, a compact name which is creative and catchy must be chosen as the screen name.

It is important that you choose your screen name carefully. This is because the screen name gives an impression about the nature of the person using it. A screen name is used by Internet users in online chat rooms, in forum discussions, and also for the purpose of networking. Screen names are also used to hide the true identity since many users don’t want their real names to be disclosed. Specific settings provided by web services can be used for hiding the name. Nowadays, many websites provide users with different kinds of services apart from chatting. The screen name that a user chooses is made visible for all the services availed by him/her. Therefore, one has to be careful while choosing a screen name. A screen name should be such that it doesn’t offend or hurt anybody’s religious sentiments. Also it needs to be short and simple so that you as a user are able to remember and type it without much difficulty. You may also think of using a funny screen name which helps catch the attention easily.

There are many different sites on the World Wide Web that encourage their members to use interesting and cool screen names. You can get creative and come up with names which suit your personality. The cool names and ideas presented above should help you to start thinking about better names.

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