Wireless Home Theater Systems

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Wireless Home Theater Systems

In the age of wireless technology, almost every media or electronic appliance is designed with these features. Wireless home theater systems are just a part of this revolution. Here are some more information about the same.

Wireless home theater systems are extremely easy to set up as there are no tangling wires to handle. However, the waves used by these systems may interfere with the other wireless devices that you use, like your cell phones. Hence, you need to compare the various pros and cons of owning such a system.


The only wires that these home theater systems require are the power cables. You can place the different components of the system anywhere in your room. The speakers that come along with the system can be placed in different places to create surround sound without having to connect any wires to the TV.

Some manufacturers of wireless home theater systems also include woofers among the components. Typically, all the wireless components in such a system can connect to each other within a range of 30 feet.

Advantages & Disadvantages

When using this system, you can get rid of the large number of unwanted cables and wires. Of course, all the devices of this system require power supply, which cannot be provided using the wireless feature. You will need wires for connecting the different devices to your power outlet, but interconnection between the devices will not require wires or cables.

These systems can perform all the tasks and play all the audio-video formats that can be played by a wired home theater system. CD, DVD, SACD, CD-R/RW, DVD+-R/RW, MP3, VCD, and JPEG discs can all be played in these systems.

Inclusion of electronic media devices like woofers and sub-woofers integrate the wireless sleek cum stereo design, along with the surround sound of the home theater system.

These systems are a bit more expensive than ordinary ones. If you have placed all the electronic devices in different corners of the room, you will require power outlets at all these places. Any other wireless devices that you may be using in the same room may get disturbed.

There are certain systems which may require the rear speakers to be aligned towards the transmitter. This is because the rear speakers use infrared signals for getting the data inputs. For getting the two devices connected using infrared, they need to be aligned towards each other. Many wireless sub-woofers may not attain very low or very high sound.


Before purchasing a system from a particular manufacturer, you need to compare the difference between the other available features. It is wise to check reviews over the Internet before purchasing. Some systems may have a very well-defined, sleek look that may suit your home, but at the same time, they may not be able to deliver high power to the devices.

A wireless home theater system needs to be chosen wisely. There are many big players in the market on whom you can rely, but at the same time you need to see if the system you wish to select can provide you with features that are similar to, or better than, a wired home theater system.

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