Cool Facebook Status Updates

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Cool Facebook Status Updates

Having a cool Facebook status has become quite the ‘status’ symbol in the virtual world. Read here for some ideas that you may want to try out to spice up your Facebook page too!

Serena: Did you check Ryan’s Facebook update yesterday?
Nancy: Yeah! I did! I thought it was hilarious! I liked it and commented on it too!
Serena: Yes, I thought you would! I liked it too. Don’t you think he has a knack of getting really good status updates?
Nancy: Yes, that’s true. And I asked him about it. He said he gets quite a few cool Facebook status updates online. I was thinking of browsing for some for myself. Want to join me?
Serena: Oh yeah! That’s a good idea. Let’s see what we can find for ourselves!
Nancy: Alright then! Here we go…

Do you oft have this discussion (or some variation of it) with your friends? I’m sure you do. Social networking has become quite the ‘obsession’, if I may say so. And people are getting more and more ‘obsessed’ with updating their status on Facebook than they are actually doing the thing that they say they are. I have a cousin who updates her status almost every two hours! TWO HOURS!! You’ve got to be kidding right! But it’s true.

It’s like a virtual war of words where you’re known by your funny status messages! If you want to get noticed, a cool Facebook status is all you need. The traffic hitting your profile will be awesome! It’s obviously no surprise that there are numerous cool tricks that can help you get the best status among your friends. For those who don’t want to go through so much trouble, here are some ideas that you may like. Have fun!

Cool Status Updates for Facebook

If you’re anything like me, you would not actually go hunting for Facebook status ideas. But well, I’m one who thinks the color yellow is weird (hey, I could use that for my update some day!), so don’t go by something I say. See, it’s that easy. There are these random moments when you think of something absolutely brilliant to say on Facebook, but can’t, because well, by the time you reach home, you forget.

*Disclaimer: The status updates mentioned below have not been drafted by the author. They are a compilation of updates from Facebook users.

  • I’ve reached a whole other level of fatness. I just saw a commercial for dark chocolate, peanut butter cups, and I got goosebumps down both arms…
  • I am going to write a book about A.D.D., because I love fishing…
  • Facebook is like a refrigerator…you get bored and keep checking it but nothing ever changes.
  • Hard work never kills you – it just keeps you away from Facebook!
  • Without ME, it’s just AWESO.
  • “Username or Password Incorrect” … You couldn’t just tell me which one?
  • Textaphrenia – thinking you’ve heard or felt a new text message vibration when there is no message.
  • Saying “oh!” like you get it. But you still have no idea.
  • Dance like no one’s going to put it on YouTube.
  • is wondering why Facebook bothers to give the option of “liking” my own comment? Of course I like my own comments. I’m awesome..
  • went to the book store earlier to buy a ‘Where’s Wally’ book. When I got there, I couldn’t find the book anywhere. Well played Wally, well played.
  • I like to name my iPod ‘Titanic’ so when it says ‘Syncing Titanic’ I click cancel and it makes me feel like a hero.
  • A bug just landed on my computer screen and my first reaction was to try and scare it away with the cursor.
  • Please copy and paste this to your status if you know someone, or have been affected by someone who needs a punch in the face. People who need a punch in the face affect the lives of many. There is still no known cure for someone who deserves a punch in the face, except for a punch in the face. But we can still raise awareness!
  • is the one who stole the frigg’n cookie from the cookie jar. Now shut up!
  • has CDO. It’s like OCD, except the letters are in alphabetical order… like they should be.
  • just wants to point out that Cinderella is living proof that shoes CAN change your life!
  • Unless your name is “Google”, stop acting as if you know everything!
  • Dear Warner Bros: Now that I’m an adult, I feel I’m old enough to hear what the “Beep Beep” is hiding when Road Runner talks to Wile E. Coyote.
  • If you have Internet access and a Facebook account, life is not nearly as horrible as it could be. Especially for those who feel Facebook is an appropriate means of expressing the horror.
  • says if u need a friend (text me), need a laugh (call me), need a hug (stop by), need money (this number is no longer in service).
  • is color blind and trying to solve a Rubik’s cube… This could take a while…
  • If there’s anything more important than my ego around here, I want it caught and destroyed immediately.
  • is talking to herself because she needs some intelligent conversation
  • Living life at the rate of 42 WTF’s per minute
  • People care about your son’s yeast infection almost as much as they care about YOUR yeast infection. Which means not at all. Unless you’re only FB friends are your pediatrician and your gynecologist, yeast infections should be considered unmentionables.
  • Your intelligence is my Common sense!
  • ______ sometimes runs up to strangers on the street and yells “YOU’RE IT!!” and then runs away.
  • Those who believe in telekinesis, raise my hand. ~ Kurt Vonnegut
  • got out of jury duty by prefacing every answer with “according to the prophecy”.
  • is going around the house and renaming things so they all start with an “i” before Apple does it… such as his iToaster, his iToilet, and his iKids and iWife. All set…
  • Before Facebook, if I read something really funny I would laugh. Now I just click the “Like” button without changing my facial expression at all.
  • Things are so weird in my life that my profile picture should just be a raised eyebrow.
  • used to play sports. Then she realized you can buy trophies. Now she’s good at everything.
  • Be nice to nerds, chances are you’ll be working for them.
  • People reckon I’m too patronizing (that means I treat them as if they’re stupid).
  • I’ve always wondered if film directors wake up screaming “CUT! CUT! CUUUUUT!” when they have nightmares.
  • I believe everything happens for a reason. Usually, the reason is somebody screwed up.

Those were some of the ideas that you can use to fancy up your status. So, I’ll leave you with a couple of cool Facebook status messages that I just coined!

  • … is so rare, even diamonds are jealous! 😉
  • We fall, we rise, we fall again, we rise again, we fall yet again, and that’s when we decide to make up some ridiculous things to say about life.
  • … is limited edition!!

You don’t have to like these, you just HAVE to! 😛

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