Comb Binding Machine Reviews

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Comb Binding Machine Reviews

One of the easiest ways to bind papers is with comb binding machine. If the machine is going to be used for personal use, then it is best to opt for a light machine so that carrying it is not difficult. The reviews come in handy when you have to decide on the right one.

Comb binding is one of the common methods implemented to bind papers into a book. Round plastic spines with rings are used for the same. Rectangular holes are made into the papers using a hole puncher, after which a plastic rectangular spring is passed through the holes to bind the papers into a book. Binding tapes are not required for this process. The binding procedure may differ a little, but more or less remains the same.

There are different methods with which comb binding is referred to with. It is also known as GBC or Ibico binding. There are a number of manufacturers who manufacture these machines. With a plastic binding machine, one can bind different types of paper. Calendars, reports, or any other documents can be made into a book using this method. We will now take a look at the reviews, which will help us in deciding the right machine for our needs.


There are two types of machines available in the market. There are the manual or electric machines. The electric ones naturally are able to finish the task faster; however, they are costlier as compared to the manual machines. At the same time, more manpower is required for operating the manual machine, but you will have to pay for the electricity supply, if you use the electric ones. You will have to decide the size of paper, which you are going to punch. If you are going to use for paper of varied sizes, then it is best to opt for a machine which can handle different sizes of paper. After reading the basics, we will now turn towards the reviews.

GBC CombBind Presentation Binding System

This is a general purpose machine. It is able to bind approximately 300 pages at one time. It is ideal for a small office or home use, where occasional use of this machine is desired. It is apt for moderate volume use. It is lightweight, which makes it easy for mobility. It is able to punch 15 sheets at a time. The handle of the punch is easy to use and full size.

Fellowes Pulsar 300

This machine gets high ratings too in a number of reviews. It is apt for a small- to medium-sized office. It has a sleek and contemporary design. It is a robust machine. This machine is available in both manual as well as electric version. The best part about this machine is that you can fold it, when it is not in use. It is equipped with a slide-out tray, which can hold the binding combs and other accessories required for binding. At a time, 15 sheets can be punched with this machine.

Royal Sovereign RBM-1200

Among the different manual binding machine reviews, this is a machine which has consistently got good reviews. It can be used for light to moderate binding. Approximately 12 sheets of paper can be punched at a single time. However, you will not be able to bind more than 150 sheets at a given point of time. It can be used for binding various sizes of paper. The easy-to-adjust side margin guide makes the task of leaving a certain margin for each sheet rather easy. It has a slide tray where necessary accessories can be kept.

SmartBind Manual Plastic Comb Binding Machine

This machine is easy to use. It is stylish, which is good for small- to medium-sized businesses. It is user-friendly and has an ergonomic design. This machine will ensure effortless and quiet punching. It has vertical punching due to which there is accurate alignment of the paper while binding. It has metal chassis and mechanism, which makes the machine durable. It has 12-sheet punching capacity at a point of time.

After reading the reviews, you will have to assess your needs. The plastic machine is right for home or office use. At the same time, you will want to decide the type of machine you would want to opt for, from the electric or manual machine. Alternately, you can also hard bind the book using the traditional methods.

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