How to Get Cheap PS3 Consoles

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How to Get Cheap PS3 Consoles

Are there any inexpensive PS3 consoles available out there? Where can you find them? Read to get all the answers.

Sony’s PlayStation 3 is one of the best ever gaming consoles to hit the market, in recent times. These consoles are a rage among die-hard gamers, who spend a large part of their lives, living in virtual reality. Although, the console is a portal to virtual reality, you need real greenbacks to buy it. If you are hunting for cheap PS3 consoles, I provide you with leads on where you could get some. You can buy things cheap, if you are willing to be patient and look for them in the right places, in the online marketplace.

First released in the month of November, 2006, the PS3 has come a long way since then. Many new models have been periodically launched, with the latest model (PS3 320 GB slim), being launched in September 2010.

With more than 38 million units sold till date, it is no longer just a gaming console, but a platform. Cheap PS3 games and consoles are consequently, some of the most sought after items in the electronics market.

With newer models coming up, all the time, people often upgrade their latest models, while selling the old ones. Consequently, there’s a large secondhand market for this product, which one can tap. So, when one talks about getting inexpensive consoles, the used device market is the one that must be explored.

Finding Cheap Consoles

With almost four different models launched, with different storage capacities, there is a wide range of choice, among the consoles. A complete console includes the main system, controller, power, and PS3 cables. You may need an extra controller, an HDMI cable, and of course, games. Here are some places to look out for inexpensive used consoles, under USD 200 to USD 300, or lesser.

Electronics Stores On the Internet

When thinking about online electronics stores, the one website that pops up in my head is Amazon. You are bound to find a range of inexpensive consoles, returned by their former owners, who have set their hearts on newer models. The old ones work well and they could be yours. All you have to do is visit Amazon to check them out. There are many other electronic stores online, some even specializing in sale of used consoles.

eBay Auctions

Another site to check out the consoles is eBay. The biggest online auction site in the world, eBay has many inexpensive deals for you to choose from. You are bound to find one that matches your budget. You can search for deals and filter them, according to your maximum budget for the purchase. Bid wisely and know when the price has exceeded the product’s true value.

Go For Bundle Sales

When you buy a used console or a new one, go for a bundle deal, that includes games too, as you will pay a lot lesser than, what you would pay, when you buy everything separately. Such bundle deals are offered by Amazon and most local electronic stores.

Discount Seasons

Last, but not the least, you can always wait for Christmas season to buy new, yet inexpensive consoles, as they offer a lot of discounts around that part of the year.

So, these were some of the ways to find consoles for sale. Just make sure that you check out the condition of the consoles before buying them. You don’t want to pay for cheap ones, only to spend double the amount in repairs. See to it that the console is in working condition before you decide to buy.

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