Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup With Name

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A free reverse phone number lookup can help you trace the identity of the owner, along with his or her address. Read to know all about it…

I got hold of my old telephone diary some days ago, with many phone numbers scrawled on its back pages, belonging to my old classmates, with no names whatsoever. I needed a reverse phone lookup service that could trace those numbers to the names of their rightful owners. That is what got me looking for a free reverse phone number lookup service. I was surprised to find a lot many resources that helped me a lot.

The reverse phone check exercise was really important for me as I wanted to get in touch with my old friends for a reunion that we were planning. While I was successful in running a free reverse phone lookup and tracing the names of my classmates from the landline numbers, cell phone numbers couldn’t be traced back for free. It seems that there is no site that offers free reverse cell phone number lookup with name, as the information does not fall in public domain. Cell phone owners want their privacy and wireless providers ensure that their wishes are granted by not listing the numbers publicly.

However, that doesn’t mean running a reverse cell phone lookup is impossible. Only, most sites operating out there require that you pay a small fee for the piece of personal information. They only trace the name of city or town and the cell phone service provider for free. For more details, you need to pay around $10 to $20. Running a free reverse phone number lookup service, for landlines is quite possible and there are many ways in which you can do it.

Running a Free Reverse Lookup

Phone number would have been tough to trace, if it wasn’t for the sites that offer free reverse phone lookup on the Internet. You can access the national landline number database and reverse lookup any residential or business listing using the Internet. Here is how you can go about it.

Simply Google It

Till some months ago, I would direct my readers towards the Google phonebook search facility which helped people directly trace landline phone numbers of US citizens, but that service having been taken out of action by Google, I must suggest other ways. You could try the ‘shot in dark’ method of directly searching a number on Google. If Google’s index can match it with any pages that have it listed, you might just be able to trace your man.

Visit Online Reverse Phone Lookup Directories

If you don’t find it in Google listing, you can always use the free reverse phone lookup facility provided by other sites like Whitepages. If they don’t have it, then the owner has probably not listed the number intentionally.

You will be able to easily trace most of the landline numbers for free using Google or other reverse lookup directories, but for cell phone numbers, you must necessarily pay up.

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