Best Headphones in the Market

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Best Headphones in the Market

With the number of options available, it’s very difficult to make a choice from some of the best headphones in the market. Before coming to a decision, one should consider all aspects such as the sound quality, comfort, price, etc. This Techspirited article will take all these points into account to bring you a list of the best.

Use Your Ears

Although a clichéd phrase, you do get what you pay for. However, this might not always be case. Some brands of headphones are excessively priced just because they look cool and are popular. However, don’t fall for this as the sound quality may be terrible. Use your ears to test out among a number of headphones before making a purchase.

A good headphone must be durable, and it should produce high-quality audio so that the sound is soothing to the ears. A noise-canceling headphone renders a high quality of sound by blocking any unwanted noises present in the surroundings. Rapid scientific developments have helped to meet the demands of customers. Different technologies and gadgets are installed in headphones that have tremendously enhanced the quality of sound. Companies like Sony, Bose, Sennheiser, etc., are pioneers in manufacturing some of the best headphones available.

Sony MDR-1R
Price: USD 259.73

These full-size, over-the-ear headphones are the best choice if you are looking for a great overall music experience. It provides a great balance in all the sound elements, which makes it suitable for any kind of music. The ear cushions are very soft and comfortable, and they block out external noise considerably. The earcups are also foldable, which provides greater portability. The product is built sturdily, and even the plastic parts are of a good quality. Sony claims that the product can produce sounds of up to 80 kHz, which comes in handy to bring out the details in the music. The set comes with a carrier case, a gold plated 6.3 mm adapter jack, and 2 cables one of which has an Apple-compatible remote.

Bose QuietComfort 20i
Price: USD 279.00

This product’s acoustic noise-cancellation feature is one of the best there is in in-ear headphones, so much so that you will find no clue of a buzz while traveling by an airplane. The set uses an internal rechargeable battery with a micro USB cable, which provides the user up to 16 hours of music. For an average user, this would translate into a week-long battery life. The headphone works even when the batteries die out, although the sound quality comes down a little. The set features an inbuilt remote to turn on/off the noise-cancellation function. The silicone eartips of this set are very comfortable, and are barely noticeable during usage. The audio quality of the 20i is pretty good with great bass and mid-range effects. However, you may not like it so much if you are an audiophile.

V-Moda Crossfade M-100
Price: USD 310.00

This over-the-ear headphone set is a good competitor to the Sony MDR-1R. It has a very strong, almost indestructible built, and the metal shields on the earcups can be customized with a laser engraving of your choice, which is done by the company. The faux leather ear cushions effectively block out external noise, but they are relatively thin and can cause discomfort to users who listen to music for a longer time span. The set comes with two cables, one of which is plain, and the other has a remote which is compatible with Apple, Windows, and Android devices. This piece is also accompanied by a strong carrier case and a gold-plated 6.3 mm adapter jack. If we look at the audio quality, the M-100 is best used for music with heavy bass, but you can have a pleasurable experience with other types of music as well.

Bowers & Wilkins P7
Price: USD 399.99

After the P5, Bowers & Wilkins have made dramatic improvements in design and performance to deliver the P7. The headband and cushions of these over-the-ear headphones are made of real leather and are quite comfortable, enabling the listener to use them for long periods. Other parts are made of either steel or aluminum depending on the purpose. The set also offers cables that can be easily removed and replaced. The cable features a cool 3-button remote that is compatible with Apple devices. Apart from all this, the audio quality is superlative, and it gives a good balance between bass and treble. The only cons are that the set is quite pricey, and noise cancellation is mediocre.

Shure SRH1540
Price: USD 499.00

Great fit and great sound quality are the words to describe this product. This product offers great comfort with their well-padded headbands and big, soft earpads. You can wear them for hours and not feel any discomfort. The product is quite sturdy with parts made of high-grade aluminum and carbon fiber. The audio quality is amazingly good, with great quality on bass, treble, and mid-tones and superb detailing on all the notes. The SRH1540 produces no sound distortion either. The set comes with an extra set of ear pads and cables. The only drawbacks of this headphone are that the piece is not foldable, and the carrier case is quite big, which makes it lose out on portability. The noise cancellation is also not very good. However, you will not face this problem on decent volume levels.

NuForce Primo 8
Price: USD 499.00

This stylish looking in-ear headphone is a really good buy. Using its quad armature (movable part of the speaker) design, it is able to provide really good bass, and mid and high level tones. It gives a great overall performance, making the music sound smooth and natural. The materials used to manufacture this product are of good quality. You also get 8 pairs of silicon eartips along with 2 pairs of foam tips. This helps you get the perfect fit for ears and stops accidental slippage. The set comes with removable cables. The only drawback is that the cable guides curl around the ears, making it necessary to adjust them before you get a snug fit. This is time-consuming, and it is also a little uncomfortable to wear with glasses.

Sennheiser HD 800
Price: USD 1499.99

The HD 800 is supposed to be one of the best in the range of high-end headphones. They are light in weight with a futuristic-looking design, made of high-quality plastic and metal parts. The ear pads are quite big and very comfortable. The product comes with a removable cable. The extremely high quality of the audio makes any music feel deep and spacious. This makes it ideal for tracks of the opera, or for movies with surround sound. The audio is incredibly detailed, and it makes this headset a pleasure to use. The drawbacks are that the set is very expensive, also it does not give great results with MP3 players like the iPod. It is more suitable for CD players and amplifiers. Another disadvantage is that because it is a open-backed headphone, it leaks sound and does not have great noise cancellation either. This makes it more suitable for indoor use.

Other Mentionables

Apart from the aforementioned brands, there are some other good-quality headphones prevailing in the market. You can also judge their quality yourself, if you have a sound knowledge on how headphones work. The products are mentioned below.

  • Monster iSport Immersion
  • JVC Flats
  • Logitech UE 9000
  • Marshall Monitor
  • Apple In-Ear OEM Headphones
  • Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro
  • Grado GS1000i
  • Audio Technica ATH-W5000
  • Sennheiser RS 180
  • Denon AH-D1100
  • Yamaha Pro 500
  • Bang and Olufsen BeoPlay H6

* Prices may be subject to change.

This list will definitely help you to make your own choice. It’s always suggested to go for a complete product check and review by some experienced person before making an investment. Get the best headphones in the market, and you can be proud and sure that you will enjoy the best audio experience for a long time to come.

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